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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Quick visit to PA and Ohio

I am soooo far behind on my blog posts! I planned on doing this post on our week end to Pa and Ohio when we were relaxing in the cabin in the mountains but it was so remote there was not only no wifi but no cell phone signal either so we relaxed.
Before we could leave for PA and Ohio though we still had to take care of business. Getting the kids ready for school and dropping them off. It was a special day for Sami and I was invited to a decoration making snack eating party with her class and then we took her to Aunt Chel on the way out of town. If this sounds confusing for you join the club it is often confusing for us too. Most days before I go to bed I ask Tom 'So what do we have tomorrow?"

I feel so lucky to be able to share these things with our sweeties!

You'd never know that most of these kids are older than Sami

Had a great visit in PA with Tom's mom but this is the only picture we got.
He really liked it there
Nik had an early dismissal from school so we took him with us. He's pretty high maintenance (I should say his diabetes is high maintenance) but we thought this might be our last chance, before he goes home, to spend some one on one time with him.
Then we met Tom's dad and stepmother at Steak and Shake for a couple of hours.
We treated him to a milkshake with his meal, just gave him extra insulin.
Glad when things like this work out.

We hooked up with my two brothers and one sister and their families at my brother's house. It was so great to see so many of our nieces and nephews and their children.
I know my parents were smiling down at all!

All the parents said they had to get an air hockey table for their houses

For the most part us women stayed upstairs and the men were downstairs with the kids. My sister made my grandmothers famous mushroom soup. Amazing what memories a taste will bring back. That was one of the best gifts I have ever gotten.

Thank you Mark and Sue aka Simon's Grandpa and Grandma
for hosting a great get together!

Our oldest sister, Kim, was not up to being around so much family but 4 outa 5 aint bad

When we got back to Maryland we had to say good bye to our boy for Christmas. He's holding on to my leg so I won't go. Funny boy. He's lucky to have two families love him so much.

See you later alligator

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