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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let's Get it Straight

Thomas and Natalie bought a new house in Havre de Grace with more space and  closer to were they both work and also to church but no longer across the street from us. Because of the housing market being a buyers market they have rented their old house opting to wait a couple of years to sell it (waiting for a sellers market). They are moving as I type. Their third daughter is due to be delivered by C-section on or around July 8th. They are a family that deserves nothing but the best.

Since when we moved here 13 years ago our plan was to move in two years we thought this would be a good time to look at moving for ourselves.  Although it wasn't the move we thought it would be because we moved UP in size. Opting for a gated community. We've been looking at this community for a few years and even though it is not across the street from Thomas and Natalie it is halfway between them and Charlie and Michele because the housing market being what it is we decided to rent our old home to Charlie and Michele.
Our plan is to close around the first of July. Charlie and Michele hope to be moved in here by the first of August. Charlie will be getting his promotion in a new Firestone close by about the same time. We are so proud of them.

In case you thought we left Jennifer and Shawn out of this exciting summer of moves. There's is the biggest.  Shawn has decided that three deployments is enough (we all agree). With another one looming over their heads they have decided to end their time with the Active Duty Army and move to Maryland. We couldn't be more excited! He's working toward a job on post here with the Army but as a civilian doing the same thing he did on Active duty status. The people he worked for seem pretty excited to get him back. The pay is not great so they will be living with us for the time being (hence the moving UP in size of our house). The job has a good future for them but it will take some work. They have scaled down their belongings and I will fly out there this week and drive back with Jennifer and the kids while Shawn finishes up the paperwork.

We are all so excited for this next chapter and the great thing is as excited as we are the little ones are even more excited to be back together again. It's going to be cousin bonding time here in Maryland.
It's so true that you don't know what you have until it's gone. We all thought we would live our own individual lives and get together for holidays. Tom and I never planned on being such hands on grandparents, Jennifer thought she wanted to travel the world as a military family like she did as a child, Charlie wanted to get back to his Ohio roots and Thomas and Natalie had thoughts of moving back to Kentucky .
We are all here, right where we should be. Thanking God for our gifts because after all the most important things in life aren't really things.


  1. Wow you have nutshelled this summer very well! You are so right that I would never have imagined we would all end up within the same area. It really is exciting--AND we will have the space for everyone to get together even as our family upsizes! Molly is going to be so lucky to have such a huge extended family so nearby!

  2. Oh how very blessed. I am so excited for all of you, the big moves and your new homes. Surprising how and where life takes us. Congratulations to all. Many prayers and blessing and much love to all of you.