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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life Goes on and on

Sugar high!
So, it's not like nothing has been going on her. The opposite is occurring. I can't rightly say why it's been so hard to blog. If I had to put my finger on it I guess it was when Nik left us. New policy states we can't talk about it on social media so I won't go into detail but it did leave us with a bad taste in our mouths for 'the system' . That being said our birth sweeties have been our existence!
Wyatt and Piper  have been spending more time with us since mommy got a job she enjoys. A perfect job for her with the church and children, so happy for her,
We went to see Seussical the Musical and had to read
three Dr. Seuss books when we got home.

Promised to eat meal worms to make money for his school.

We all went to an Orioles game together sponsored through our church. We met up at the Firestone where Charlie works since it is in walking distance of Camden yards.


More tattoos
Pinky and the brain for our boys
Power Puff girl for Jennifer
Chief Wahoo and Papa Smurf

We also took time for ourselves and left all sweeties behind
to camp with my brother, Matt and sister-in-law Sue at Gettysburgh.
We had a great time

and the big news
Our niece Krystal and husband Josh
welcomed Landon into the family
So happy!

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