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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Settling In

So, you may think since it has been two weeks since I posted
 that nothing has been going on but that would be a huge mistake!
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Everything is happening, all at once.
Miss Molly is growing far too fast.

Pops ran into one of our foster daughters at an Ironbirds game
She is doing very well living with her grandparents

Jennifer and the kids did VBS at our local church. 
While the kids were in their classes Jenn worked in the nursery. 
The last day was a big party and
Jenn took Piper with her to join in the fun.

John Robert has a blast at VBS whose theme was ocean party.

He even got called onto stage to try the special trick. 
He had to flip his hat and have it land on his head.
Lily and her Pre K class, she is getting so old.

Lily looking out from her classroom
Jenn's asthma and allergies have been very bad since she got back to Maryland. 
She finally saw an Allergist and had skin testing. 
They put a small amount of an allergin under her skin
and see how fast she reacts to it to tell exactly what and how allergic she is. 
 Obviously she is very allergic to all of this
and because of that she started allergy shots.
 The moving is done and the kids seem settled
the grown ups on the other hand have a lot more to do
Their first 'load'
With their all important "squishies"
depositing his first load in his room
This is the Bransons living area on the second floor
They have 3 bedrooms, two full bathrooms and this living area
The whole second floor
Settling in with the cousins
Papa took him on an errand run and he came back with this $30 Transformer
He must have been a good boy
The kids love having lunch outside
and I like the clean up

They ALL love Miss Molly Marie

So happy to have these three back in Maryland
Now if their daddy would just get here

We all like to visit Papa at work
He loves to show everyone off too

When I took Jack to an Ironbirds game
he was selected to go on the field and brush off second base
He also got a chance to get some autographs

When I was going through trying to decide what to save and hang up
I came across some things from my parents house

We have enjoyed using the pool in our community!

Thomas took time away from his own new house and new daughter
to help me hang pictures in the stairwell
a two story stairwell

My new favorite snack
I thought it was a healthy choice
until I read the package and see
 15 fat grams,180 calories & 7 carbs per serving
there are FIVE servings in each bag
Good news also 6 grams of protein
a great snack for our Mito girl

Speaking of our Mito girl
She is having a hard time adjusting
to loosing attention to Miss Molly
so we took her with us on a trip to Ohio
just like the old days when she was our only sweetie
Hotel breakfast

Hotel pool
She wouldn't take off her glasses

It's nice that i don't have to get in the water with her
She used to hang onto us for dear life
but not want to get out
That didn't change, she was in there over an hour straight

We went shopping with my sisters and i found these book ands and loved them
It became my inspiration color for our bedroom

Then onto the reason for our trip
The baptism of our great nephew, Landon.
We didn't get to spend much time with them though
We are going back this week end for a Penney family visit
Hopefully we will see them more

Our basement is the last to be decorated
and the kids love it this way

Tom bought an air hockey table yesterday
and has his eyes on a pinball machine
of course we still need to have room for
the game table, kegerator, popcorn machine
and the kids toys

We have a two story wall in our living room, 18 feet I think
I mentioned to Thomas that I should hang all the family pictures there
He said ok, wow
He borrowed a scaffolding from a friend
and made it happen

Brave girl!

Meanwhile Tom hung up the shades
We were going to have them custom made and hung
but the price doubled from the time we got our estimate
to the time we went to buy.
On principle Tom refused to pay
He did a great job
We love the look

I've got an X on my butt
Why didn't someone tell me?

He even changed out the entryway light fixture
I didn't think there was anything wrong with the old one
but apparently Tom did

Then it came to hanging a fan in the middle of the room
There was wiring up there but no fan
Tom thought he and Thomas could do it but after
Tom tried to climb up there without the wall support
he agreed we needed professional help
Thanks to Brian Sharpe, a fellow Restore church
brother to Thomas, he did this out of the goodness
and love in his heart!
They even put a hundred pound tredle sewing machine up on that landing
Thomas' idea. love it!
Those of you who knew my parents
may recognize the painting of our
house on Main Street too


They all love Molly Marie

Natalie has started pumping and we have been able to give Miss Molly a bottle
Getting her ready for the time Mommy has to go back to work and we
will be taking care of her like we did Samantha

Piper and Wyatt are here two days a week
and Piper naps on the couch in Jenn's area
They all love their squishies

My new bedroom chair
Love that color

Ice cream!
I ate hers that was in our freezer
without realizing it was hers of course
So, I shared mine with her
The playground at the old house was just across the street
This one is a bit farther but still in walking distance
honestly it was a selling point on the house

The three girls took ballet class together
We are working on making sure that this continues
for as long as the girls want it

 So for now we are settled
but things are always changing around here

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