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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back to Ohio

We had a chance to go back to Ohio just two weeks after we were there.
This time it would be to get together with my brothers and sisters,
nieces and nephews and their kids.
It was too much for Tom to do again but
Jen and I brought her kids and our redheads.
Thomas, Natalie and Miss Molly met us there the next day.
My brother and SIL hosted us.
Putting some of us up in their house and
some in their camper set up on their property.

The kids all had a great time together.
We had two full days and
two half days to spend with them and
they never got tired of each other.

The property there is beautiful.
There was a stream and woods
There was even a huge sand pile
 and a large pond.
They were filthy the whole week end

Lily, Jillian and Sami

My niece with her son, Ethan
My brother 1986
The tractor was smaller and so were those shorts


Emily Ann

Some of our grandchildren and
some of my brother's

Luke (10), my brother's oldest grandson and
Jack(6), ours, loved the woods!

Lily loved our niece's boys


They were calling my SIL Grandma by the time we left

My brother was very protective

Second cousins
Ben was 3 in May and
Lily was 4 in June
She love those boys

Did I say she loves those boys

Ethan will be two on September 25


The next day was the big get together

A lot of great time in the past years sitting around these picnic tables

Jack, Jillian, Emily, Lily and Ella

Making mud
and fun

My Godson

We do have one redheaded nephew (Simon, in the background)
although this picture isn't very good

I think by this time the parents stopped
 saying"don't get dirty"

she was so happy all week end


That shirt never did come clean

Mark with his grandson, Simon

watching Simon

I think that tractor was Matt's when they were boys

My sister, Cookie, her daughter, Christine and her boyfriend, David

My niece's son, Bennett (Kim's grandson) loved Miss Molly
but not as much as Bennett's big sister, Aislinn.
She is the oldest cousin and held Molly Marie most of the picnic
Then Sami wanted to go under the fountain in the middle of the pond.
Uncle Matt said "sure, if your dad takes you"
Thomas took all the kids on a trip or two

It was a beautiful day!

I sat on the edge of the pond with the kids while they waited for their turns

Paddle, paddle,paddle
When our kids were younger
they had a dock and a canoe

We even fed the fish some cheese and bread


Thomas and Natalie

The little kids wanted to play volley ball
Then they lost the ball

I slept in the house each night with one of the kids
The night of the big picnic I told Sami I'd be right back
She was asleep when I got back

Camper snack

We got a chance to visit our niece, Rachel's house
We stopped by Rob and Brittany's house but for some odd reason
I got no pictures

Beautiful front yard
Jack and Jillian

Then they went ice skating
Why not?

Rachel's husband, Matt, and their 3 year old son, Ben.
He is learning to skate so he can play hockey

They were wore out but got up the next day to visit
Uncle Mark and Aunt Sue at their campsite in Mantua
to do some swimming
of course the puddles from rain the night before were fun too

This is the same lake we used to walk to
 every day during the summer as kids

Uncle Mark and Aunt Sue had all kinds of things for the kids to do
You wouldn't know they only have one grandchild

Aunt Sue Ann burnt the popcorn for Ella
because that's the way they both like it

Krystal and Miss Molly Marie
We got a chance to visit a Dennison niece too!

Natalie and landon
We went to his baptism a couple of weeks ago but never even got to hold him
 so we made sure that didn't happen again

Miss Molly liked Landon's crib

Natalie loved Krystal's piano
They got rid of theirs when they moved

Thank you Aunt Sue and Uncle Mark
for the frozen drink too
Grams needed it by then

Then it was Monday morning and time to leave.
They were exhausted but happy

breakfast on the deck

Thank you Matt and Sue for a great time and
to Cookie for making it happen.
We shouldn't wait so long next time
Love you all

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