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Monday, November 24, 2014

Piper's Pretty Pink and Purple Polka dot Precious Princess Pizza Party Pictures

Our Princess P turned four years old the week before Halloween. Jen volunteered to give her a party as her gift and so the P party was born. Problem was it was planned for the park and we had unseasonable rain. Lots of rain. The party was scaled back and moved inside to our house.
Before the party the two four year olds got all dressed up
and since make up is not allowed they chose to put
chap stick all over each others faces.


Ella's favorite thing is cake decorating,
 both watching competitive decorating shows or doing it herself.
Jennifer made the cake and bought the icing and
Aunt Chel and Ella decorated it.

Grams and Papa's house where cousins become friends

We got her a tablet. At her age I was getting paper dolls.
I wonder what her children will get when they are four.

and the there was Halloween

We went back to our old neighborhood
where Charlie and Michele live

Tom and I along with Jen and Shawn went to a costume Bull Roast
Funny thing, we were one of only half a dozen in costume.
Go figure, WE were the fun ones

and here are some of Miss Molly Marie because well BECAUSE


Been missing this little man. It's been almost a year since he went back home.
If his family sees this let us know what he's been up to.
He'll always have a part of our hearts.

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