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Monday, December 15, 2014

Crazy Crazy Crazy

I am having a hard time finding the time to blog.
There is just always something going on.
The only thing making me do it is wanting the kids
to have a place to go back to and remind them
all how much we love them and how blessed we are to be a family

We got to visit the kids classrooms
I know I have pictures of Jack, Lily and Ella too
but they must be on Jen or Tom's phone

Wyatt and Sami are both in Kindergarten but in different schools
Funny thing is we saw the same math lesson in both classes.

We even had lunch with Wyatt

Of course every morning is still filled with these two sweeties
The Bransons love her so much.
They know the week end is here when Miss Molly isn't here
and they are sad

Sami adores her baby sister

The kids were off of school for the entire week of Thanksgiving
but their parents were not
We kept them busy
They even had chances to have sleep overs
 at each others houses

For Thanksgiving lunch we continued the tradition of going to a nice restraurant
with a buffet
The last couple of years we have gone to a restaurant on Bulle Rock (a golf course community) 
Little did we think that we would actually be living in the community this year
and be able to walk to dinner
The kids table with Charlie and Shawn

 It is so stress free to be able to eat like this and not have to cook or clean up
Instead we spend quality time with each other
and everyone gets what they want

 Each family is assigned a holiday and Thanksgiving is Natalie and Thomas's.
Natalie started by cooking the first couple of years
 and then making the arrangements(splitting the check with Papa) when we started to go out
but always she has hosted desserts and sandwiches on Thanksgiving evening
This year I bought all the kids Elf pj's to change into
 so they could be comfy before we went over to Thomas and Natalie's

Jen figured she could wear her pj's too

Then we got to Thomas and Natalie's
I'm not sure who exactly had the camera at this point

 I think a sticky finger got on my camera lens

 The week end was a great time to put our decorations out
photos by Lily

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
 and this doesn't even begin to cover what we do
I'm lucky to keep up with life
let alone chronicle it
and that is a good thing

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  1. Aww. I really enjoyed ur post and the kids pictures are adorable! :-)