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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Little bit about March and April

I would be crazy to try to catch up on all I haven't blogged about
 since there is so much happening now and things coming up
 but here is a quick synopsis of March and April.
We went to see Cinderella.

The girls enjoyed the bathrooms as much as the movie.
Well, not quite but they had a good time in there.

Pretty sure this was Miss 'A's first movie
She did great

Jack turned 7 and they had his party at the club that Tom works for
as a field monitor for soccer and referee for flag football .
He got them a deal on a pool party.
Then he was old enough to play flag football
Happy St. Patrick's Day Birthday Breakfast

Ella had a Mito crash and spent a couple of days off school
We fed her high protein and fluids, not much else to do but let her sleep it off
I know her case is considered mild but it sure does break my heart sometimes

We did respite care for a foster child for 10 days
Three in diapers Pew Yew

Miss Molly learns new things every day

 I go over to get the girls ready for school a day or two a week
Just like when we lived across the street.
We read some books, pick out clothes, fix hair
 and I try to bring them something special for breakfast


Our old man is having some incontinent problems so he's on medication.
Where did the time go?
 I Know they said 8-10 years but I'm just not ready for him to be old
Mommy Lily


Jack spent his year as a Tiger Cub and will now move on

No longer a Tiger Cub
He's a Wolf Cub

Lily Miss Muffet took Miss A to school to be her spider

April Fool
Natalie sent this picture to me for my phone
I got a couple of the kids and even Tom
Thanks, Natalie. Good Joke
 Lily and Sami had their dance recital
Sami danced in a younger age group just to be with Lily

 Jack no longer needs training wheels
and Papa says he needs a bigger bike

She can pedal!

 Piper and I had some one on one time

She loves food so much that most days we are lucky to get 8 oz of formula down her

 On the way to the playground they all have to collect these BEAUTIFUL rocks

She's getting too big for the cradle so she's napping with Papa
He doesn't seem to mind

One of our mornings, in Ella's room

Need to set the pack n play up for naps

 Playing 'Animal Jam'

Always a smile now

We Got her a new outfit for her Chorus Concert.
She make white and black so cute

 Molly's first trip to the playground

tea party

Always getting into something
 We don't see Wyatt much but when we do it's always a great group party

 Tom spent 5 days in the hospital with chest pains
Bad news is they never did figure out what his pain was but
the good news is he has a great big, healthy heart

Piper is with us a couple of days a week

 I went on a walking field trip with Ella's class to the library


Last but certainly not least Miss A is potty trained!
Completely totally, no pull ups, no diapers, dry at night and naps.
She'll be three next week.

Stay tuned
Field trip tomorrow
Then a week at the beach

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