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Friday, May 8, 2015


We have been crazy busy and I am not even going to try to catch up. I am just pretending that we don't all know that Easter wasn't yesterday and that it hasn't been over a month since I posted. so here it goes.
Miss Molly Marie
10 months old
4 teeth, babbling,
crawling and cruising around furniture
eating solids and drinking from a cup
Still on the small size at 16 pounds

The kids had Good Friday off school
 so 'the girls' came over to color eggs

It's hard to tell what this little one has ever done before.
If she did color eggs before she forgot because it was all new to her
and fun to watch

Had to include Miss Molly of course
(I peeled it first)

Miss Bossy

These two are best friends to spite their 4 year age difference

Mess one down
Time to let the eggs dry
Time to make some sugar cookies
Ella always with the bunny ears

These two are truly like sisters
fighting all the time
Make them pink
Make them blue
Oh those redheads always with the hair in their faces

Definitely sure she never made sugar cookies before

Mess two down
While the cookies cooled
 they decorated their eggs

Good Job
Now time to clean the table for lunch
Yes, it was only lunch time
One of my kindergarten classroom tricks
shaving cream
They all loved it
and it's not like Papa is using it lately

We missed Wyatt and Piper but thought we would spend the next day
with them at the kids' church sponsored Easter egg hunt.
Ready to go.
Now we just need to add coats
The egg hunt was originally scheduled for the week end before
but this was our weather. Tom took this picture at 'work'
He is a tournament official for Ripken Baseball and
gets to watch kids play baseball each week end. 

It was a little chilly still.
Mostly the wind was a pain

The not only had egg 'hunts' they had horse back riding

Her foster uncles (wait I guess technically they are her foster brothers, whatever)
were very good with her all day, making sure she had a good time.
She doesn't look like it but this was her favorite part of the day.
She kept telling us about it and how you have to wear a helmet to ride a horse.

Ella was an old hand on the horse.
She has ridden before for therapy
for her mitochondria

Sami was cold so Mommy took off her own sweater and gave it to her.

They also had farm animals the kids could pet

When she first came to us she didn't even know what a picture of a duck was.
Now she gets to see all kinds of animals

She called it Brutus (our English Bulldog's name)

They got to feed this one apples

Then it was time for the egg hunts.
Not much of a hunt
 but they did get to pick up some eggs with candy

Jack and Sami were in the same age group

We ran into Wyatt and Piper
but they were with their nuther (according to Piper, she's so cute) Grandma
 and cousins.They looked like they were having a great time too.
We all DID get together
 for a little egg hunt (where they had to HUNT for their eggs) and dinner
Tom and I got the kids each a scooter to play on in the basement.
Jen and I also planned an egg hunt for down there so I got them each a basket
because of course I couldn't expect them to already have one. LOL
Jen and I did color code the whole thing so their basket (and a couple of toys)
were the same color as their eggs they had to find.

We got the girls their outfits again.
I don't start out meaning to
but I just can't seem to help myself

Miss Molly didn't get a scooter and basket.
She got a piano and some chocolate rice cakes

She seemed to like the rice cake

Then we went downstairs for the egg hunt

Counting them. Everyone had the same amount.

Except Ella had three LARGE ones filled with bigger kids stuff

She really liked that rice cake

One of his was missing so we had to give him a special treat.

She REALLY liked that rice cake

Maybe a little too much candy?

Did I mention she really liked that rice cake?

New necklace

Mystery peeps. You didn't know what flavor until you tasted them.

Whose idea was it to give them all silly string, Jennifer?!

One of the selling points to us for this house was the parking lot right next to our house
 at the end of the street. All four of those cars you see belong to our family.

Leave it to Jack to find a sick

It's empty :(

Then Ella was so tired.

Ready to go to dinner
Lily and Wyatt
Our Silly ones

We walked up to the golf courses restaurant for their holiday buffet. It's become our tradition but we'll see once we have to pay for all the kids LOL
After dinner Wyatt and Piper and their parents went to their nuther grandparents for supper and everyone else came back to our house. It seems like the Easter bunny came to our house while we were at dinner since there was no time before church for the Easter bunny to come. He even left the girls' baskets at our house.
Molly didn't have to look far for hers

and even a rolling backpack just like 'A's
How did the Easter Bunny know?

A big stuffed Easter Bunny for A
We tried to get her to name him
 but she just didn't get the concept
So his name is Easter Bunny

Too cool to look excited

Stop showing off
We know you can read the instructions on the box

The day ended with a little scare
Thomas and Ella went out and were hit,
pretty hard, from behind
Enough to total it.
They are now a two van family

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