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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun Time but no pictures

I was waiting to up date until I could add pictures to help tell my stories but in the process of moving pictures from the desktop to an external hard drive and then plugging that into my laptop I managed to break off a couple of prongs on the power cable because I couldn't see well enough to plug the TINY plugs into the side of the laptop. Of course no one seems to carry that power cable. What good is it to safely back them up on an external hard drive when I can't use that either AUGGGG! I guess I need to go to the Dollar Store and get myself some stronger glasses. I hate needing reading glasses, when did I get old. I digress. . .
The week end was great. Grandpap actually looked better than he did in December. He was more worried about Wyatt, Jack & Ella getting germs from visiting the hospital. We wanted to show them off but they didn't even need to do anything but to be there and he thought they were "just beautiful". He's such a different man now than he was when I first met him. He thought I was a bad influence on his 16 year old son and I thought HE was the bad influence. He needed to sober up and I needed to become a mother-in-law before we truly understood each other. I digress AGAIN but I guess it's just a grandmother's ramblings. The week end. We've always taken Ella for the nights but have never taken Jack before. He was wonderful AND he even got his first tooth while on the way. We didn't have any problem finding him food wherever we went and everyone noticed "what a good eater" he is. He was cracking everyone up with the way he'll stare at you and raise his eyebrows (just like Dadddy). Cute now, maybe not so much when he's a teen ager. Uncle Matt actually had Stare Down contests with him! He didn't like his pack and play too much but as long as he could lay with PaPa he slept just fine. Ella & I had the other bed. She fell out of the bed well maybe fall out isn't right. When we got up to go pee (grandmother's need to get up and pee in the middle of the night) I was "helping" her get back into bed with the light off and we missed and she ended up stuck between the bed and the wall. Once I realized she was ok I couldn't stop laughing. I tried, but laying there in bed with her the giggles just kept popping out. She said it wasn't funny but then she started laughing too. We stayed at Uncle Matt & Aunt Sue Ann's house, Uncle Mark & Aunt Sue were there when we got there so we were able to show Wyatt off to everyone. They have a hot tub outside and Ella thinks it's a swimming pool. Uncle Matt and her spent an hour out there in the snow (not a decision I would have probably made as a mother). They had a great time squirting each other and putting snow on each other's head. We also got a chance to visit with my niece, Erin, and her two kids (1 1/2 & 6) at Aunt Cookie's house. Charlie, Michele & Wyatt came too. What fun & great food too. My sister is a wonderful host. Erin's mom (my sister Kim) showed up later on and it was nice to sit at the table with my two sisters that are now my friends. We never got to know each other when our parents were alive & healthy. My mom would be glad to know that we finally like each other.

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