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Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

I saw this on a couple of other blogs and thought it was a great way to review my week. Mind you I really DID do these things but maybe shouldn't have.

I DIDN'T put my hand out to catch Jack spitting out a banana and end up with the contents of a teething baby's stomach spilling over onto the floor. Not Me
I DIDN'T completely forget to take Ella to dance class last Monday. Not Me.
I DIDN't spend $17 on only three books (one for each grandchild of course) at Ella's Book Fair. Not Me.
I DIDN"T get lost coming back from the airport after dropping Tom off and did not call Charlie expecting him to tell me over the phone how to find my way home. Not Me.
I DIDN'T give Ella Spaghetti for lunch three days in a row. Not Me.
I DIDN'T spend $30 and 6 hours (with Ella's help) making waffles and fresh fruit for the whole family (minus Shawn & Tom) for dinner on Ash Wednesday. Not Me.
I DIDN't then serve waffles & fruit to Ella for breakfast AND lunch for the next two straight days. Not Me.
I DIDn't spend 2 days on line looking for Easter outfits for the grandkids and then skip out on going to church Sunday. Not Me.

I hope next Monday will be less filled with DIDN'Ts

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