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Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

I Did Not let Ella eat still frozen peas for a snack, she wanted them and they're healthy what more can I say but NOT ME oh ya I Did Not put her in pj's and a skirt for her Halloween party NOT ME but isn't she cute!

I DID NOT rush together a package for Wyatt and his parents so that I could send Mommy pumpkin coffee and then forget to mail it for four days, NOT MEI Did Not just post this picture of Charlie at work because it cracks me up NOT ME
I Did Not let Ella lick the Crisco covered spoon when we were making cookies, NOT ME
and then let her use her hands to "drop" the cookies on the sheet instead of a spoon, NOT ME
I Did Not let our sweet natured Sammi cry just because I wanted to get a picture of her in her costume, NOT ME

I Did Not pull the stool up to the sink for Jack to wash his hands and then wonder a couple of hours later why there were puddles on the counter NOT ME

I Did Not take pictures of Samantha's very first big girl bath to realize my hair was in every one of them, NOT ME

I Did Not 'blue screen' my third laptop, my S-I-L's, he said we need to figure out my browsing habits NOT ME

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kathy!!!
    Your NOT ME'S Crack me up!!!!!!!
    I think they are so funny!!!!!
    Some of those are worthy of a magazine!!!! Great little Monday Posts!!!!!
    Keep them coming as I always can use a good laugh!!! Especially this week!!!!
    Hugs from one Mimi to a Gram