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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I DID have my appendix out on the day I was suppose to have my mammogram,
one day short of Tom's 6 week surgery follow up
(Jen took him & he got another 6 weeks off from work
and the ok to lift up to a 25 pound grandchild!)
and 3 days before a week end get away with all the kids and grandkids.I DID read stories and hold babies I DID sit in the van for 3 and a half hours with three grandchildren
and a pregnant daughter driven by a
man driving for the first time
in 6 weeks out of major back surgeryI DID NOT eat anything without it tasting like
a salty metal can.Not that I would eat
Jen's pregnant lady snack anyway.
No wonder she threw up in the back
of the van on the way there.
I DID enjoy my grandsons sharing and enjoying a snack together.I DID NOT go in the hot tub with Ella, one of our favorite vacation things to do
but Aunt Chel was a great stand in!
I DID enjoy spending time with these beautiful babies!I DID NOT roll around the floor with the grandkids
I DID NOT get to ride in the bumper cars or go carts but Ella & Uncle Shawn sure did have fun. I DID get to start the Christmas season with a visit by Santa (Uncle Chuckles).
Look at Jack trying to see his sleigh.

1 comment:

  1. HI!!!
    GREAT THING!!!! You did not lose your sense of humor or sense of fun!!!!
    What a sad thing to happen at this time right now, but you made the best of it and all turned out great!!!! So glad hubby is feeling better and can drive now and gets 6 more weeks off!!!! Yeah!!!! Those grandbabies are so sweet and cute!!! You are lucky and you get to have 1 more!!!!!
    enjoy your self and rest!!!!