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Friday, November 27, 2009

We Are THOSE People

We all take turns hosting holidays. Jennifer hosted Easter (see HERE) and for the last few years Natalie has hosted Thanksgiving. Last year even though we all brought dishes she spent $350 and way too many hours and even though we had a great time when Tom mentioned a buffet at a CHOKE restaurant she jumped at it. So we became the family that went out to eat for Thanksgiving. We spent over an hour and a half sitting around the table, getting up to fill our plates time and again (prime rib or pink steak as Ella says for her, myself & Jen, sea food for the men and turkey all around). We had a wonderful waitress clearing the table and filling our glasses as we ate and it was sooo relaxing. We all agree we should make it a new tradition. Of course Ella wouldn't let it go by without buying and cooking the biggest turkey her and Pops could find (16 pounds) so we had it for lunch one day and used it for sandwiches over Thomas & Natalie's house along with pies and drinks for dinner Thanksgiving night. It was a very a wonderful day, the only thing missing was Charlie, Michele & Wyatt who were stuck in Ohio.

We cooked "the biggest turkey ever" the day before ThanksgivingElla wanted a wing from our "sandwich " turkeyPops, Jen & Shawn GOOD FOODUncle Tommy taking Jack for seconds. . .and two high chairs
Ella eating her third helping of prime rib Shawn belonged to the clean plate clubSammi just hung out, she did start cereal this week and at 5 months is 16 pounds, that's in the 80% , her length is in the 90% but her head is only in the 15% so completely opposite of her sister who was always in the low % in size with a big head.and Natalie was stress freeJack and I shared a glass of water with lemon then dessert

Jack giving Ella a kissThen it was time for comfy clothes and hanging out at Thomas & Natalie's
Jack and his new big boy hair cut, most of his curls and the blond are GONE

What a great day.
Thomas and I went Black Friday shopping today and
tomorrow it's off to see Santa and his reindeers
and cut down our Christmas trees


  1. HI Kathy!!!
    I hope you didn't take my post the wrong way, I was not putting anyone down for going out to eat, it's just that my Son-in-law has Not had a Thanksgiving with family since he graduated from college with a Hotel/Restaurant Management degree. Easter he works as well, we used to go out after church for Easter dinner and after Will joined our family we stopped that as well and stay home with family. I think it is sad for the people who have to work at those places is all I meant about that. When I was young, Almost all businesses were closed for EVERY Holiday, if the current trend continues Every one will think All Businesses should be open on Holidays and we should Not get together as a family. Which I hope not, so glad your entire family was game on going out, my gang would miss the football game!!!!I cannot believe how much your daughter in law spent last year, I did ALL the cooking and I think I spent around 125.00-----WAY more then what the news said the average Thanksgiving meal should cost, they said 37.00, down from 39.00 last year!!!!! How could you buy dinner for even 6 people for 37.00?????? So every family celebrates Holidays in their own way and that's what makes it so fun and interesting!!!!
    Glad you had a fun family day

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Eating out would be SO much easier! :-)

  3. Thanks again for the great meal Grams and Pops! It really turned out so well and NO dishes! Plus I haven't put on 5 pounds munching on leftovers all week.
    You guys are the best!!