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Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

Another crazy week. ME being the crazy one. I'm working on a post with pictures but I took 200, yes TWO HUNDRED pictures this week and I'm still going through them.

I Did Not take a couple of videos thinking I was taking a picture, NOT ME

I Did Not have to ask my son how to use MY camera, NOT ME

I Did Not (with the help of Jennifer) spend $81 (for those of you counting that was 78 items!) at the everything is a dollar store, NOT ME.

I Did Not dye my hair at home (I really don't like to be "pampered" other people touching me makes me uncomfortable, not sure what that means . .?) to then get in the shower and forget step three, the conditioner that came with it, NOT ME.

I Did Not open the windows to get a nice spring breeze and then turn the heat on because the house got cold, NOT ME

I Did Not tan for most of my life to then start getting basal cell carcinoma within a year of cancelling my tanning membership, NOT ME I'm dreading the follow up appointment when the doctor who looks younger than my kids is going to do a full "body scan".


  1. HI Kathy!!!!
    OH I SOOOO LOVE your NOT ME posts!!!
    You should do them weekly, well that would be alot of NOT ME!!!!!!
    How funny!!!!
    The heater thing, now that is something I would do, I hate to be cold!!!! I can take the heat, I don't like HOT but like warm!!!!!
    The dollar store is a crazy place to be, cause you spend alot there it seems!!!! So many great finds!!!!!
    I am glad you take alot of pics too!!! I take alot!!!!!

  2. LOL...Kathy...the doctor thing is TOO true! I've been trying to get all my tests done but it is awful to have the doctor walk into the room and look like he should still be in school! What happened? The doctors used to be old! Your grandkids are just too cute for words...each one is a wonder and all of them together is a miracle...with two more on the way!