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Friday, March 12, 2010

A Week in our Life with Jack

On Saint Patrick's Day two years ago this big boy entered our lives never to have it be the same. I'm sure his mother will do a retrospect at her blog on Wednesday so check it out. I just wanted to SHOW you what he gives to our lives in an average week, say last week.When he is here he doesn't like to nap but after a hard day at play he sleeps very well at night. Of course he's not quite in the same spot as we layed him down or even at the same end of the bed(that's his pillow by his feet) but he does look comfy.This is the way he naps, on PaPa's lap if we really want him to sleep. He wouldn't eat the cone so we gave him a spoon to finish his ice cream.

Aunt Chel came to visit so we had crabs. We got a couple for the kids with no "Old Bay" but he still wasn't crazy about them, yet. He did like hitting it with the mallet though.

Giving Aunt Natalie a kiss.

Veggies and dip, it's healthy so it's ok that he's sitting on the table, right?
Not quite sure why all my pictures were blurry this time. Tom got me a new camera since the old one was well, old. I guess I should figure out the new one soon.

John Robert's birthday present, his new Step2 Roller Coaster. We gave it to him early because the box was so big I didn't want to store it here but they haven't taken it home yet. Ella loves it.

PaPa helping him brush his teeth. He loves to brush so we have one for him in each of our four bathrooms.

Like we don't have enough toys?!

After taking all the pots down to play he and PaPa had to put all the hooks and pots back. He was such a big help.He loves to watch the dogs outside.

He likes imaginary play too and this ark and animals is one o his favorite toys.

Look at our left handed big boy. Of course he also uses his right hand and sometimes both at the same time.

So this is just one week with John Robert as you can see we are very lucky because he is only one of four soon to be five and they make us very happy!


  1. Oh mom this is so sweet! He really is a busy little thing and is so lucky to have Grandparents like you!

  2. Hi Kathy!!!
    Oh John Robert is just a doll, if a boy can be a doll!!! he is One big boy, to be only 2, and I am clueless what that crab or oyster terminology meant, like does that mean it is safe for babies or little ones to eat it??? I do NOT eat any SEA FISH, none!!!!!
    I know kind of strange!!!!
    My little Camdyn loves her roller coaster too and so glad to hear at 5 Ella loves it, so that means that Camdyn will still be whippeee on it for a while!!! Did you get it at Walmart.com??? I got a great deal on there!!!! Under 100.00!!!!!
    We have the Noah's ark toy too, so glad Fisher Price makes toys to teach Bible stories, tHe Nativity set and the Noah's ark!!!!I am so jealous of your 4 soon to be 5 Grands!!! I want 4 more!!!!!
    You have a full BLESSED LAP!!!!!
    I will e-mail you now too!!!