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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update on Tom

Most things happen from the chair these days

So right now things are in a routine of sorts. Ella and Sami are with us until around 4pm five days a week with me getting up early to get them and Tom driving Ella to her morning pre school. He is going through a para legal course 3 hours a day three days a week and of those three days I pick her up once and Jennifer & Jack get her the other two, one of which they come here for lunch and the other she takes her home with her and they get to go to Thomas's classroom to play and then he takes Ella home from there. Wednesday afternoons are for Chuckee Cheese.We plan to add outdoor activities like the zoo and park when it's not so wet out.

Of course there are always variations to our schedule. Places to go, people (dr.'s usually) to see. Which finally brings me to the point. Tom's PCP referred him to the Spine Center and the doctor there would like to do more surgery. So off to get more X-rays and a new type of MRI. Surgery is always bad but we really thought he was out of options. So it may be a good thing?

His disability paperwork is still not complete. He's on Admin leave which means he's still getting paid. His raise to 100% disability through the VA is also still in paperwork, although they tell him it's been approved. I wish everything was complete but it doesn't really make too much difference. He seems to be upbeat about our future. Enjoying the kids but frustrated that he can't do more.
In other news it looks like Spring has sprung on our street.

At least on our side of the street . . .

This is what is on the other side of the street

. . . and this shows our cat is shedding his winter fur. Yes, I know it's disgusting. I don't let him in MY house but the neighbors seem to all love him. I'll have to post some pictures of him soon.


  1. HI Kathy!!!!
    That picture of the other side of the street is so funny!!!I thought the grass was always greener on the other people's lawns!!!!
    HAHA, they have snow and you do not!!! SO green lawn here it comes!!!!!
    They better get out a blow dryer!!!!That is alot of snow left hanging around!!!!
    I agree about wearing green, but I always do it, and I am Irish so a good thing I guess!!!!
    I do not decorate for this one though, I think becasue it is so close to Spring decorations and Easter stuff. But if I had a CUTE Birthday BOY!!!!!
    OH MY!!!!! that is another story!!!!!
    I did check out your daughter/daughter in law's blog, so cute and LOVE that she did it up big for him!!!!!Love all the decorations for him, what a great birthday!!! He will love that date when he is over 21, if he should be one to indulge in a few green beers!!!! One or two is ok, right??? I think so.But for now let's just enjoy him being 2!!!!
    2 is a great age, so curious and fun and learning so much everyday. Enjoy him!!!!
    Your hubby is a Saint, if my hubby were to have to quit work and be home everyday and NO golfing or yard work, he would probably rather be working, so good for him that he is keeping a smile on his face and enjoying life as he can.
    Give him a big hug for being so sane about it all!!!

  2. Speaking from experience, it can take the VA FOREVER to get all the t's crossed and i's dotted. When it finally gets done, though, it's a huge relief. John has a pretty high disability but not 100% since he is working for them now and it does take a lot of the pressure off of him to know that he has that income to count on if his back gets worse. Hoping things go well for Tom and he can get some relief so that you can get some relief, too.

  3. HI!!
    Do they have edible bubbles and they are flavored or were you kidding me????
    I would like that if so!!!!
    Poor thing she always puts the wrong end in her mouth!!! she will learn one day when I am not there to wipe it off, haha
    how was your week end???
    Ours Busy!!!haha

  4. HI!!
    did my comment not publish???
    I asked if you were kidding me about the edible bubbles and are they really flavored???haha
    have a fun week