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Friday, April 2, 2010

Easters Past

This time of year was always special to my family. My mother would say it was a chance to start new and fresh. It was also the only time I can remember getting any new clothes being the youngest of five but she thought we should wear something new for a fresh start. I always tried to do the same for my children and grandchildren and I think they have felt it too.
This time of year has also brought us loss. In 1984 this beautiful two month old little girl died if SIDS while under our care in our home on Good Friday.and on April 17, 2007 my father died at home knowing he was surrounded with love.
I think it's also pretty obvious who else died at this time of year and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for all those I love and love me.
Last Year at church

WOW what a difference a year makes!Not such a big difference in year to year for Ella though. Yes, that IS a bunny snowman ON Easter. Anything can happen in Ohio.

Another Sami look alikeCharlie & Jennifer in High School. At my parents the year I brcame the shortest in my family.We spent this year in Rome. One of my favorite memories.

Same house for two years in a row.

With Grandma Joyce & Grandpap Steve. You can't find hats like that any more. Of course the boys probably think why would you want to.

Easter baskets ALWAYS had sunglasses. Colorado. I made Jen's outfint & the one to match her Cabbage Patch.My parents came to visit and Thomas also made his first communion that week end. He was also baptized on Easter. Talk about beginnings!

Is that Sami or Jennifer?We didn't know babies weren't suppose to have chocolate.
She sure did love it!Thomas got this bunny at Easter time with his birthday money and had it for YEARS. My Boys!
We thought we looked so good. Yoy
Who couldn't love a toddler in a three piece suit, especially in 1980? Thomas (Tommy) 7 weeks 1979

The five of us! This didn't happen very often and I remember having to stand still while my mother looked down though the viewfinder of her "Brownie" camera.My brothers, hats look familiar? My sisters. Nice shoes Cookie (they were corrective).
Thanks Mom for giving me such a great appreciation for Easter. Love Ya


  1. WOW when I suggested you find that picture from high school, I didn't realize how bad I looked in it...wow! But hey I was cool...and wow we always did have really nice Easters! Thanks mom for all of those memories!

  2. The black and white picture of the 5 kids...didn't realize Ella looked so much like you as a kid! Amazing!

  3. Hi Kathy!!!
    What a walk down memory lane!!! That was sure a fun walk!!!!
    Ok, first off so sorry about the infant passing in your care, my very dear friend's parents were babysitting her brother's baby and he died at their home of SIDS, in happens more away from home, that is why Miss C took naps in my arms til she was 6 months old, I was afraid to put her down, I know silly, but I loved it as much as she did!!!!
    Your dad did pass knowing he was loved alot!!!!!
    Great pics of the kids through the years!!!Isn't Easter so fun, getting a new outfit, I think a tradition in all families!!!!
    You asked about my followers, I can barely keep up on most days, but that is ok, I do not worry about it, my life is not centered on blogs and followers, it is so nice getting to know everyone, but I do not beat myself up if I miss commenting or posting, it is not everything is it?????
    But glad I met you and OH NO I had a I did NOt do that kind of day yesterday, I will share about that one day!!!!haha it was not so fun cleaning up all that water!!!!!