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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pictureless Update

So it's not picture less because we haven't done anything. It's picture less because I can't find my camera to download the pictures from and then I couldn't find it to take pictures with and then I lent my external picture hard drive to Jennifer. I guess I'm meant to not need pictures this week?

First off I need to back up a couple of weeks and post about Tom's newest diagnosis. I did post it on Face Book and of course our families know but I thought I should add it here for posterity sake. That sure was a long explanation to say that he now also struggles with arachnoiditis. It's a very painful jumble of nerves in his back and has no cure. This means that the neuro stimulator that we had high hopes for his OTHER back pain is now out of the question because the vibrations of it would irritate the arachnoid. Surgery in July to fuse some more spine is the next step but NOTHING will help the arachnoid. He's still upbeat about it but he's definitely more grumpy. He "hates people" most time but gets sooo much joy from the grandchildren.

Just because I have no pictures to show for it doesn't mean we weren't busy. We started the week off with a surprise baby shower for Jennifer at the local Tea House. Just women and Ella of course. You could have knocked her over with a feather! We were even able to get a friend she hasn't seen since high school to come. She also had TWO aunts send gifts from Ohio. Thanks Aunt Sue & Aunt Sue! We couldn't tell Ella beforehand though, she would have given it away for sure. Natalie and I both forgot our cameras so we had to have one of the guests take pictures.

I then had my first colonoscopy and even the "prep" wasn't as bad as people warned. The worst part was the nurse who put my IV in couldn't thread the tube through the needle so she had to start a second line. I have a bruise that covers most of my hand. I DID take a picture to post but . . . Oh ya everything was clear so I'm good for 5 years.

It was Spring Break for Thomas so I didn't have to get up so early to be with the girls. We still spent some time with them though and Sami has a couple of new tricks. I've had a lingering cough and she realized that after I coughed she could make the same sound. Now when anyone coughs, sneezes or burps she fake coughs and then giggles. It's the cutest thing! She's also getting really good at clapping and she can pull herself up which makes nap times a little bit tougher since she can stand up before you leave the room! LOL

Yesterday we took Tom's old route to work in DC with Jack, Ella & Thomas. He was glad to show off how he could use the train & subway to get us where we needed to go. I loved the cherry blossoms but the kids didn't seem impressed. We took a boat down the Potomac to see them though and that was a big hit. We then had lunch at Phillips Seafood which is re known for their seafood buffet which we all enjoyed. The kids were wonderful especially considering the crowds and thank goodness we had Thomas with us to help getting the stroller with our 36 pound two year old in it on and off trains and escalators.

Tomorrow starts another mini vacation. We decided to take the two oldest grandkids to Virginia Beach for a couple of days. Ella has been asking when we are going on vacation again (she loves hotels) and I want to show Jack the ocean. We will also be seeing our niece and her baby who will be one very soon. Happy Birthday Jillian!

Look for pictures soon, I just found the camera!

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