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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If the Disease Doesn't Kill You the Test or the Cure May

This week was suppose to be filled with tests for me. I started off the week with a test for my stomach and the instructions were not to eat or drink after midnight and bring a raw egg & two pieces of bread. Hmmm, alrighhtty then. I HAD to look that up on the Internet and was relieved when I found out that they will cook it AFTER they mix in a little radioactive material. Ok, that's gotta be safe or they wouldn't do it, right? So I showed up with said materials. Of course it couldn't be that easy. I was rushing around and dropped the first egg on the floor. At least I didn't have the bread in the bag yet.

So, Tom dropped me off at the radiology place since he didn't want to give up the girls for day. As a matter of fact he took them to the mall across the street. Anyway I was feeling fine, comfortable, not hungry yet but my mouth was pretty dry. Then they handed me THESE so I could eat my radioactive sandwich.
I was a bit taken aback and then the two techs were whispering to each other if it was ok that I took a muscle relaxer the night before. I guess it was because she asked me if I wanted salt and pepper on my sandwich. Ya, sure. Then they brought out my dry sandwich all wrapped up (did I mention I was already thirsty and this sandwich was DRY). The tech had to ask me to eat faster, Can I have some water to wash it down? Nope but drink this whole glass of warm water after you finish eating. So I finished it drank my water and then I had to lay flat on my back on a metal table where they positioned an X-ray machine inches above my stomach FOR TWO HOURS. It took an x-ray about every 10 seconds from my calculations. I'm wondering how many x-rays that totals. More than anyone should have in a lifetime I imagine. So then there was some more whispering with backs turned to me and they told me I could go home and my dr would be in touch with me,YAY.

I wasn't broken hearted when my Tuesday test was canceled because the tech was sick. Even though I had fasted. They couldn't reschedule until June 21st. Popular test I guess.
Yesterday I had my follow up endoscopy and great news, my ulcers are healed, my stricture has shrunk and so has my hernia. A little bad news though. The tissue left behind after the healing is now pre-cancerous tissue that he biopsied and will have to "keep an eye on". The story continues . . .

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