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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Quick Trip to DC

We thought we would take the kids to see the dinosaurs again before school lets out here and it gets too busy. So we drove to the Metro station and took it right to the Smithsonian (almost).

We walked through the mall and pointed out the monuments. Even though they don't understand it all I want them to know where we were. The Capital is in the background to the left of the carousel which was our first stop. Then we had a quick snack in the park. Tom used to run this path at lunchtime when he worked down there.

We've all been here before but the kids still love it every time

Then we let Ella have the camera, Here are just a couple.

and then she had to show me how to use the touch screen

and John Robert liked the shark's tooth

and the brontosaurus, yes he knows them all

PaPa's favorite, shark jaws big enough to walk through
Quick stop at the gift shop on the way out.
They got the most excited over the squirrels in the bushes outside.

Then we had lunch on Constitution Ave.

Any little bit of grass and he was playing dinosaur.
but I want to ride too, Grams, pleeease. She pushed John Robert instead.

Then a quick diaper change before we get back on the Metro.
John Robert stayed dry all day.

It was a great day!

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