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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Week Post Op

Before I start aren't these a couple of the cutest "grands" you ever seen!

Good job Jen

So, they cut on the same incision again and it looks pretty much like it did last year.

Tom took the blanket that the kids had made for him for his 50th birthday with pictures of all the Grands. It was a big hit.

Ella was the only Grand that came to the hospital because she knew what was going on. It really bothered her though that he was sick. She keeps asking me when he'll be all better. Doesn't she look like an old Hungarian woman!

The other Maryland three came to visit when he got home.

and this is what they left behind

Then we celebrated out 34th first date anniversary with Chef Boyardee pizza which is what we had on our first date when a mutual friend invited us both over to her house and made us one.

I just had to add these pictures of Sami & Lily, they just love each other!

I took Tom back to the doctor on Friday and he took the staples out. They weren't quite ready to come out and the incision is bleeding some but the doctor assured us nothing would fall out. Now the healing begins.

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