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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dennison Family Christmas Part 2

Tom and I shared a Christmas morning by ourselves for the first time since 1978. Strange yet peaceful. By 9am we were finished opening our gifts from each other and had talked to our kids about their mornings.Then we went across the street to have breakfast with Thomas, Natalie & the girls. Ella met us at the door talking non stop. We then met Charlie & his family and Jen & her family at church. At the last minute Thomas decided to meet us there too even though they had gone to their service the night before. Jack & Wyatt were a handful at one point they were looking out the window as snow fell pretending to catch the flakes on their tongues then Tom looked down at Lily in his arms and teared up saying it was like having Thomas, Charlie & Jennifer little again. We have been having Chinese take out on Christmas day (like in The Christmas Story) and this year decided to serve it on our china with the good silver.

Yes, even the kids used china

Sami LOVED the shrimp and was doing pretty good with her 6 teeth,
only one of which is a molar.

Lily and Piper are only 6 months apart and are already close to the same size

Then we went downstairs to have the kids open up the gifts from each other

They took time to stop and play along the way.

Ella loved her pink bunny "pillow pet"

" Thanks Aunt Nenni "
Piper couldn't open her own so "the boys" helped

Wyatt opened one but he lost interest and went to play in the other room so Daddy opened the rest for him. We kept everything relaxed and let the kids direct the schedule.

Happy girl with her daddy.
Those shoes were Jennifer's when she was a baby.
Ella started opening this present and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw it was a Huggies box insisting it couldn't be for her. Daddy had to finish opening it for her and show her the Mrs. Potato Head with all the pieces that was inside and then she was so happy she ran to Uncle Chuckles and gave him a hug.

In a lot of these pictures you'll see Jack playing with his Dinosaur Train dinosaurs. Sami likes them too and so does Wyatt (but only the small ones) but not as much as Jack.
This is what it's all about!

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  1. HI!!!
    What great pics, wish we could have found a chinese place opened a few Christmas's back when my fridge was broke!!!!ON Christmas Day!!Had to go to TGI Fridays!!!
    Love that tradition!!!I do not like chinese food but on Christmas day I would!!!haha
    so many cute pics!!!Love all the activity with the kiddos!!!Glad grandpa cried at church and thought of his own 3 kiddos!!That is sweet!!