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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dennison Family Christmas Eve

As a small child I remember going to my grandmother's house on Christmas Eve to be with all the cousins. Being the youngest though it stopped before I could remember much. My mother hosted the same type of celebration for us kids and our kids. We were there every year that the Army allowed and since we would be staying with them we helped with the organizing, set up & clean up. We did this until she died and then my dad hosted the next two years until he died. I have to be honest, when Charlie had the opportunity to buy my parents house I visualized keeping the tradition going, helping Michele & Charlie the way we had helped my parents. That was not to be so for the last couple of years we have been the hosts to our kids and their kids in our home. Life goes on and new traditions are started and old traditions are treasured.The first few years my brothers & sisters and I were married my parents got each of us the same thing and then cash. I thought it would be cute to get the girls aprons with their names. I realize now how sexist that is. Sorry guys! We also paid a wonderful lady on etsy (Jennifer) to knit the guys their Christmas tree hats you'll see in the picturesWe hung around upstairs eating and visiting until everyone arrived

Then we moved downstairs where the kids were able to open their stockings from Grams & Pops

Wyatt got some "tools" and loved them. He even liked the safety goggles.

No, that's not Wyatt's pink buggy in the background. That's Lily's but all the kids took their turn.

Sami loved the unwrapping
Ella had a long day, really she's just posing but she does like all her new Hello Kitty stuff.

"Thanks Uncle Shawn, I got it now"

Sami got a new rocking chair.We've gotten them each one as they need it in memory of my Nanny. She got US each one as kids and I still have mine that the grandkids still use.
Lily, getting out of the way under the table.

" Uncle Shawn!"

"That's cool, Uncle Tommy."
Toys? Who need toys. We have a blanket and a flashlight.

Oh ya, and some popcorn (the tv wasn't on so I don't know what they are looking at)

Then Ella led us in some Christmas Carols

"I'll get the light for you Grams"

Merry Christmas, may your blessings be many!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!And a very Happy New year!!
    love the aprons and the tree hats!!!
    so cute!!!Looks like a very fun christmas eve!!!
    So glad family was all together!!
    hugs 2 U,