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Friday, December 17, 2010

Fun with Ella & Natalie

The Grinch has to be my favorite story of all. "Christmas perhaps doesn't come from a store; Christmas it seems means a little bit more". I love the idea, the music and the rhyming. I love to read books to the kids that rhyme. Anyway, Ella knows that and therefor anything Grinch she loves because of me. When I saw that there was an ice sculpture display of Who Ville in DC I hoped someone would take Ella but was delighted when I was invited. Natalie didn't even tell Ella. She left work early and surprised her by picking her up from school and then we were off. We stopped at The Noodle Bowl for dinner on the way. What a great time. We ended the evening with coffee, hot chocolate & cookies at The Gaylord.
They also had this display of the manger scene. All sculpted by artists from China
There was ice skating there too and I think it was Ella's favorite part. Natalie though came out with a huge bruise on her knee.

There was a set of slides also made of ice and they were cold and faaast!

Aren't the big blue parka's gorgeous! They passed them out to wear over our coats since the temperature in there was 9 degrees. Honestly they were so heavy they were uncomfortable.

Thanks Natalie, I had a great time!

1 comment:

  1. HI!!!
    That adventure makes me want to9 jump on a plane and go there!!!Of course the Prez called wash DC SNOWMAGGEDON, so maybe I could not get there!!!What a fun outing for you 3 girls!!!SO glad you got to go along!!!What fun!!!!
    I loved it all!!!
    Have fun this holiday season!!!