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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Busy Week End

Wow! I'm still tired but so happy and it all happened while I had a case of laryngitis!. John Robert turned three on St. Patrick's Day so Charlie, Michele & the kids came for the festivities. Charlie took Friday off of work so they traveled Thursday night and got to our house about 2am. Wyatt knows the routine and was very happy to see us. We try not to get him too worked up so Papa took him to bed and read him a story. We did hear him playing in there for a while but that didn't stop him from getting up at his regular 6:30. The next morning we had our regular routine of going across the street to get Ella & Sami ready for the day. Charlie got up and went over there with me to surprise the girls, they were so happy to see him.Back at our house they were just as happy to see Aunt "Chel".We usually keep Sami during the day but Jennifer kept her so that we could take Wyatt, Piper and their parents to DC to see the dinosaurs and the monuments of course. I have to say DC is one of those places I could keep going back to and Tom always felt lucky that he was able to work there as long as he did.
We took the train too and that was part of the fun!
Lunch time, hot dogs on Constitution Avenue.I'm not tired!

Back home to start our sleep over. I guess we don't have enough toys because this is always their favorite place to play.

Then we made our own pizzas.
Stomach raspberries pssssssstpssttsWe had to have more birthday cake before we went to bed.Even though we didn't go to sleep until 10 they started getting up about 6:30 Saturday morning. We had breakfast before wen went over to the Bouncy House for Jack's birthday party at 9:30.Cousin Love, don't you just love it!Wait, this is not my baby. That's ok, she loves Uncle Shawn Tom can't "jump" but he doesn't mind

That's me somewhere in that pile.
Ella is getting so old.Then we went back to our house for some lunch.

Piper is the sixth grandchild to use our cheapy high chair.Jack loves his baby cousin. Such a big boy!This is one of my favorite kind of pictures where no one is with their own child and everyone is loved.Some of the grown ups took a break and went to see a movie while the babies slept and they brought back some popcorn. This is what happens when you give four grandchildren ONE bucket of popcorn.Green dip & veggies for our St. Patrick's Day boy!GET UNCLE SHAWN!Then almost everyone went home and Charlie & Michele took Tom to get his spider tattoo finished and Charlie got Piper's foot tattooed next to Wyatt's hand on his back. Tom had been getting a spider tattoo for each grandchild including a tiny one for the one that didn't make it through pregnancy. Since everyone is 'done' for now he decided to get cobwebs to connect them all. He's pretty proud of it.I got to stay home by myself and take care of Wyatt and Piper and put them to bed. I didn't have a chance to take pictures but it was great to have some alone time with them. Just because the pictures stopped doesn't mean we did. Thomas was singing in front of his congregation Sunday so we all went to support him, we were so proud.Then Charlie went home and Michele and the kids moved over to her parents house to spend the week with them. We met up with them at Chuck E Cheese for dinner last night but I forgot the camera at home. In case you didn't notice the bad quiality of the pictures, I let Ella & Jack take a lot of them. They all just love being together and it swells my heart when we can do things like that. Sunday we'll go to church together and then all go to the bowling alley for a couple of hours before we say good bye to Michele and the kids one more time. Next trip will be a long week end at the beach for Mother's Day, CAN"T WAIT!

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