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Sunday, March 27, 2011

See You Next Month

We started out the week with a new toy. A train table! With my Kohl's cash and 30% off coupon it was less than $100. Tom got most of it put together but Sami was anxi1ous to play. . . The bridge doesn't even have a road but she doesn't care. When Michele and Wyatt came over Sunday she graciously offered to put the track down. Thanks Michele She was very proud of her work and thinks we should glue it together because the first thing Wyatt wanted to do was take it apart. It's ok Wyatt. I did visualize all the pieces staying in the two drawers underneath but Wyatt had the airplane upstairs in the first 5 minutes. We'll see if this was a smart purchase.
On to more fun stuff! Michele, Wyatt & Piper are ending their week in MD so they came over for a visit. We went to church (where Wyatt slept and Piper did NOT) Then we met the rest of the family at the bowling alley for a coupleof hours.
I didn't realize how silly she looks with her binky. She usually only uses it to sleep and by this time it was way past nap time.

Piper was a bit fussy so we all just passed her around. We didn't mind at all.
and Lily was her smiley old self

Jack and Wyatt don't even need money to have fun
but Ella does, that's when you know they are getting old Is that pizza crust yummy, Lily?
Here Grams, have a bite

We thought it was great that Lily was so interested in Piper
but then we realized she just wanted her binky Piper finally fell asleep for a whole half an hour. Poor Michele, she said she had been up since 4:30 with only cat naps

We bowled for an hour and only got ONE game in, wonder why

Jack & Wyatt , love those boys
Ella is such a great big cousin

Papa helped Wyatt and he loved it. He would make sound effects of the ball going down the alley and then yell BOOM when they hit
Love these babies, pretty soon they will be too big to carry around

(Piper with Uncle Shawn)
Piper with Uncle Tommy

They had a ramp for the kids to drop their ball down and bunpers, what fun!
Tom bowled too! the first time in at least 5 years I was so happy for him.
and he helped Jack a little too
Dresses aren't the best things to crawl in, Lily was getting frustrated and just trying to stand up. none of us are ready for that yet
Sami loves the babies.
Lily and Uncle Tommy, we just pass them around. Ilove it!

We had another great visit but it was time to say good bye again. Bye Bye Piper
Our next family time will be Mother's Day week end where we traditionally spend the week end at the beach together. See you then Wyatt. LOVE YA

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  1. HI KATHY!!
    SORRY I have been MIA.....
    always know I will find FUN and family and laughter and just plain good ole normalness here!!
    Gosh I love that train table, good buy too!
    The kids will love it and spend hours playing with it, I would glue it down though!LOL