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Monday, March 14, 2011

Not Me Monday

I've been having a hard time lately keeping up with the blog. I'm not sure why. Heaven knows there is enough going on around here for multiple posts. Of course maybe that's why I haven't updated or it could be it's more relaxing when I sit down with the computer to do something mindless like Farmville, NOT ME

I didn't tear the living room apart looking for a pacifier that I knew I just had including vacuuming out under the cushions and behind the couch while I was at it to find the pacifier in the pocket of the hoodie I was wearing, NOT ME.

I didn't call Jennifer at lunch time on Ash Wednesday to remind her not to eat meat while I was heating myself up some chicken, NOT ME.

I didn't get down on my hands and knees looking for Sami's socks that I thought she took off during her nap to realize she still had one on, NOT ME

I didn't start a text to Charlie and then forget what I wanted to tell him by the time I got to the message screen, NOT ME

I did not order myself a pair of pants from Kohls to find out they were from the 'girls' department, NOT ME

I did not let Sami run around naked while getting her clothes for the day together to find out she had pooped on her sister's bedroom floor and walked through it, NOT ME

I did not laugh hystericaly when Tom picked up Ella's doll roughly not realizing it has porcelain hands and feet, banging the feet together and having a piece fly off, NOT ME (the look on his face was priceless & I am giggling as I think about it)

I did not use my sock, still on my foot, to 'clean up' some spilled water on the floor, NOT ME

I did not find 'vintage' photo albums under my dresser that we had bought for our kids for Christmas THREE years ago (under three years worth of dust), NOT ME

I did not have to write some of this stuff down on a McDonald's napkin as I thought about them becasue I couldn't find a piece of paper and I knew I wouldn't remember any of them, NOT ME

Here's to hoping next week I'm a little less blonde.

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