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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life is full of Choices

I had some one tell me this week that her family couldn't do anything with the family during the week because THEY had jobs but it was easier for us because we don't. This is a sore spot with me. It's not like since we don't go to a job we don't do anything or have any responsibilities to work around. We CHOOSE to put family first because that's what makes us happy but it's by no means easy. I remember how irritated I used to get as a stay at home mom or even when I was working in schools (to be on the same schedule as the kids) and people would tell me how lucky I was to be able to spend more time with our family. I am lucky yes but it was the CHOICES that we made that made it possible to spend more time at home. We couldn't always buy whatever we wanted and we hid from our kids how hard it was to make sure they had what they needed and wanted because that's what made us happy.
Now we CHOOSE to support the CHOICE of our duel income son and daughter in law by trying to take some of the pressure away from them by providing child care. We also help our one income son and his family and daughter and her family by supporting their CHOICES as much as we can.
Ok, rant over. On to a few pictures of another week with two people who don't "work". Sorry, I said the rant was over didn't I?

Who wouldn't want to quit their paying job to spend days with a little girl who drinks the juice off her fresh fruit? Ok, so maybe some people. I get it.
The duck is back! Some teenagers broke the bouncing duck from our playground last winter and it was finally replaced last week. For some strange reason we missed that duck.Our neighborhood had a cook out and we had someone making balloon animals. Sami got an Elmo. Don't squeeze too tight.Ella got a balloon crown. They also had a caricature artist.Sami didn't want to sit still for the artist so her big sister was entertaining her. Sami adores her!

We wanted to add a slide to our backyard swing set. So Tom and I designed a little fort to add on.

Shawn and Jack came to "help".Jack had to measure everything, twice.

Of course I had to come over and make sure they were doing everything right.
and Lily had to put her two cents in.
Yep, it works.Now for the finishing touches
Look at that girk go! I had to slow her down.
"How tall are you Daddy?"
Ella graduated from kindergarten this week so we ALL went to cheer her on.
That's her holding her dress out like a princess. Aunt Nenni made her a special dress for the occasion.Thomas had his kids graduating too. They all love him. It's so touching to see and to hear people chatting about how their kids were going to miss Mr. Dennison.It was a beautiful day outside for the fetivities and we were able to sit under a bunch of trees but this one little girl kept getting in trouble for getting off the blanket her mom had spread on the ground so she decided to hide behind Natalie.It was long for Lily too (three classes) but she still fought sleep.
Jack really looks up to Ella and was proud of her.
Thomas got the crowd worked up. Unlike other graduations he told us to cheer any time we felt the need. The more noise the better.Jack was getting a little bored so I let him use my camera
"Look at me Papa"
We had to pull the binkys out for the girls.
Then it was Ella's turn, thank you Ms. Barnaba.
Our graduate!
Another great week! We're off now for a Father's Day camping week end in Gettysburg.

It's not a life for everyone but it sure makes us happy so I'll try not to judge you for your choices if you try not to judge me for mine.

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  1. I think your choices are wonderful and wish more grandparents were more like you! Sad when non-working grandparents who live so close only see their grandchildren 1 a month (if that)! You & your family are both very lucky! Love the pictures!