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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loss & Celebrations

As sad as it is there is nothing that brings a family together than a funeral. We all met up in Ohio to celebrate Andrew's life and there were SO MANY people. He knew he was loved but in the end it just wasn't enough.
It was so great to see all the little ones running around after all the sad activities were over.
The wonderful people at the church had a beautiful lunch set up for us and the kids all met us there. There were 13 children ages from 9years to 1 month.JackMy SIL, Susan
MacieSusan with all the kids. She has no grandchildren but is very good at it.My SIL, Susan with her MotherMy SIL, SueAnn with her new grandsonTom's brother, Tim, and his daughtersMy brother, Mark, and his daughter, Michele.My sister, Cookie, and her daughter, Crissy.Thomas & Jen and their families camped out at Charlie's house for the duration.Papa and Piper.Most of the kids at my brother Matt's house.

My brother's house
Charlie turned 31Wyatt made Daddy a giraffe picture from his hand print.Jack and GramsSamiWyattPapa brought dinner.Sami loves "babies".Lily found herself some dinner.Uncle ShawnAislinn and her cousin Benjamin. Our oldest and youngest great niece and nephew.
Grandpap & Grandma Ruth with their 6 great grandchildren

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  1. HI Kathy,
    It is so sad, we just found out one of our friends son committed suicide while we were on vacation. It is so very sad for the ones left behind. I cannot imagine how his parents are feeling. Our friend said they thought there son was doing so much better so they were so shocked. I am glad you had such an outpouring of love showered upon all of you, it does not take the pain away but sure makes you feel better.
    The kids all are so adorable. I love large groups of kids and family together. It just makes life so much more fun. Your grands are so darling and life is sure filled with blessings for you.
    I hope to have some of my vacation pics up soon, that time zone-jet lag and coming home to unpack 3 weeks of dirty clothes is hard!!!My house right now looks like a day care center--a messy one that is!!!But I do not care, I have had Miss C over every day and I LOVE IT!!!!!Playing with her and baby L is most important to me!!!!
    big hugs to you and your family,
    facebook me in a private message your address, I want to send a card.