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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Six Kids at a Photo Session? YES

I wanted a picture for our Christmas card and it didn't seem like an outlandish idea at the time. Then Jen and I started brain storming about what they would wear. We ended up designing a dress and buying material to make for all four girls and tried to get the boys matching outfits. Long story short they wore the outfits Jen made them all for Father's Day.

Jen figured as long as we were there she would get Lily's 18 month pictures taken.

Yes! she is 18 months already.This is what we ended up with at the last second and I couldn't be happierElla 7, Jack 3 1/2, Wyatt 3, Sami 2 1/2, Lily 1 1/2 & Piper 1Tom and I jumped in to try to wrangle them and it came out pretty good too.
You can't mess them up when they are so gee golly cute!about done"Jack, get your sister"Jennifer also wanted to get a card shot. This one means alot because Lily is wearing a dress that I made for Jennifer's second Christmas and the vest is one my sister made for Thomas both in the mis 80'sWe threw Wyatt and Piper out there too to get a brother/sister shot.

They are adorable!Of course our two redheads were in the action. Natalie was so worried about Sami acting up since she has the last couple of times but she loved posing and she kept telling us all she was a princess.All this and we only spent about $150I am so thankful for all of our sweeties

I love my family!

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  1. Just stopping by from Kelly's Korner. Wow....what cute grandkids. I love the one with you and your husband and all the kids!