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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two Birthdays & Halloween

Two of my favorite girls celebrate their birthdays 3 days apart with Halloween in between.

We celebrated Natalie's first.

The kids thought it was great.LilyElla & Uncle ShawnLily sure does love her Aunt NatalieWyatt loves being back in MarylandThose Russian stacking dolls againThey don't seem to mind the chaosLilySamiThe basic toys are always a hit.

Piperand Lily just runsI'm not sure what those boys are up toThe birthday girl and the Sensational Six. Wait where's Ella?Look she's sitting still!ok Ella's here but there goes LilyHappy 31st Natalie. Glad you joined our family.Happy Halloween from Brutus our

Super DogWould he scare you away?

He's such a big baby and so good with the kids.Jennifer made Power Puff Girl costumes for three of our girls. Natalie took half a day off work to set up a party in the front yard.
The neighbors loved it

Our other two Power Puff GirlsLily was a black haired Power Puff girls so Jennifer knit her a hat that looked like hair!Minnie Mouse was a dinosaurTake the picture alreadyJennifer embroidered Tom & I each a sweatshirt and made us capes to make us Super Grams and Super Papaand they're off . . .Sami cracks me up, we are so lucky to spend our days with her.

We brought the high chair outside to stop Lily for a few minutes.

Shawn kept an eye on the food

ohhhh SamiTaking a break inside with some brownies.LilyThen our little lady bug showed up. Her mommy made her costumeMichele and the kids.

Then it was time for Jen's birthday.I opted for a sit down dinner this timebut the men wouldn't sit "down" with usJennifer brought over her 1980's keepsake high chair from my parents house (I know she has a keepsake for everything LOL) Charlie & Michele weren't so sure it was safeJen wanted a cheesecake but we also had cupcakes for the kids to decorate.

WyattSamiJackEllaPiper ate hers withour decorationsElla and Jen have such a special relationship.Mommy & Daddy even get surprised at how beautiful Piper isWyattUncle Shawn can always make them laughUncle Chuckles is pretty funny tooHappy Birthday Aunt Nenni, Love You!

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