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Friday, May 25, 2012

Andrew and Shawn

I can't believe that Memorial Day will mark the
last week end that Andrew was alive.
That sounds so strange. After almost a year it still doesn't seem real.
We didn't spend a lot of time with him and it always amazed me when someone would say how down he was feeling because to us he was this happy smiling kid.
You would never know from these pictures how bad he really felt

Last week at Shaw Air Force Base, where Andrew was stationed, a jet flown by the Thunderbirds had Andrew's name painted on it's side. Look at all the people that gathered to honor him a year after he died there.

This year Shawn is spending Memorial Day getting settled in at his new duty station in Afghanistan.
In Shawn's words it is Divine Providence that  his unit is there almost one year to the date after Andrew's death supporting positive mental health on the front lines.
We pray that they are able to help

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  1. I am so sorry about your nephew...this is one of those times, I am really at a loss for words except to say TELL HIS FAMILY THANK YOU from us.....I have a nephew who did 2 tours in Iraq and he suffers from PTSD after a bad helicopter crash that nearly killed him...killed 5.....he is doing ok....his wife and sons keep him alive and his family is supporting him in everyway possible.....MY heartfelt condolences go out to you this Memorial Day