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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just Another Week

I'm not in very many pictures since I'm usually the one taking them and even though this isn't a very flattering picture it shows the love. This blog is about being a grandmother after all.
I think my mom enjoyed reading with her grandkids as much as I enjoy it!
It's been eight years this week that she passed and we all still miss her.
We kinda do look alike
and so do Jack and Uncle Tommy

Since Charlie is home on the week ends and Michele works we get to see Wyatt and Piper quite a bit and Charlie too.

They really didn't want the orange that I offered so I showed them how to make an Orange Smile.
Of course Lily wouldn't do it. She was putting everything else in her mouth and saying "smile"
She is so crazy we have to buckle her in just to have a snack. Love that energy.
She finally gave in. Silly girl.
Everyone loves the pictures on my fridge but me. They look so messy
The kids love to find themselves and name everyone they know. The adults like to look too. It reminds us how fast time goes. Tom will also look at them when he gets up in the middle of the night for a drink, to count his blessings. So they will stay.
Lily was about off her Binky when they moved in but recently she had wanted it during the day again. The carrying of  the blanket is new.
Piper has had her Binky more lately too but with everything going on I say let them use them. They aren't even two yet. Thomas was the only one of ours that was attached and I took it away around two when he went to the drawer we kept it in and then climbed in bed for his nap.The next day we couldn't find it wink wink and he never asked for it again. Tom and I both sucked our thumbs for an embarrassing long time.
Ginger came to spend a couple of days while Thomas and Natalie had new flooring put in their entire house.
Brutus is a very patient and calm dog but he has a bit of dog aggression so we can't take him out much. It's nice when Ginger can come visit because they know each other and play.
Guess where they got their new flooring. They got three bobble heads "free"
You can't tell but they are eating Goldfish shaped bread. I wondered what cray person would pay extra for bread just because it's a Goldfish. Now I know, my daughter would.
Jen made Charlie and the kids dinner. It was a big hit.
Tom came to me Friday and said he was on his way to get a tattoo. What? He knew I didn't want him to get this. It's taken from a 1976 picture of me. He loves it.
He added it to the Pin Up Girl version of a picture of me on the other arm. Natalie calls them Good Girl/Bad Girl.
The boys came over during the week end to lay a bit of sod for us in a place we were having a hard time getting grass to grow.
I love watching the three of them work together.
Today is my birthday and so far it's been a very busy day with the kids. Tom is taking  me out to get prime rib tonight and we are having cake and presents tomorrow at the Beach House to start our Worship Mom Week End. Stay tuned.


  1. happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. HI KATHY!!!!
    I know I have been MIA from not just your blogs, but alot of them!!!I am so sorry, just so busy since Christmas....
    I SEE THE LOVE in all your pics!!!You are a GREAT MOM AND GRANDMA!!!!Your kiddos--all of them adore you for this love!!!I really like your hubbies tattoo's, I am not a big tattoo person, but love the personal ones...means so much to that person....The kids all look great and so Happy!!
    have a Great week