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Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Crazy Week

With Shawn gone, Charlie in Philadelphia Monday through Friday and
now Natalie being on her special project Monday through Friday things around here can get a bit out of hand. It's the first summer that Thomas will be working and it looks like Michele is looking to get a day time job too. For those of you counting that would mean six kids three adults. Sounds like a fair ratio. Sounds like it but somehow it still gets crazy. I think we've decided that more organization and even some discipline might be needed to get us through the summer. Jennifer takes me serious sometimes and has offered to move out.I appreciate the offer but don't tell her but I like having them around. The adult kids are very appreciative and Thomas and Natalie do their best to give us space on the week ends. I tell them it's all good. This time next year I'll be sitting on the couch wondering what to do with my time.


the duck pond

Thought of my brother, Matthew, when we were there becasue there were piles of green goose poop all over the place. Just like the ones around the pond at his house. *note He's not as much a fan as the kids.
"Now don't eat this bread, it's for the birds"
They ate this better than they do fresh bread.

 a visit to the Police Department

 relaxin at home


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