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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flying to Texas and The El Paso ZOO

When Jen and the kids left I knew I had to know when I would see them again so I decided pretty quick I would go for Jack's 5th birthday. As the time went on the girls talked about how they missed them too and I wanted to take Ella with me the way we used to take her with us on Tom's business trips. There is no way I could justify asking if I could take her out of school with as hard as she has to work at it as it is. Then I realized our baby Sami wasn't really a baby, that her sister was younger tan her when we took her with us. Natalie heard my plea and Jen wanted to see her too so they got together and surprised me with a ticket for Sami to fly along with me.
She was such a good traveler. So curious and well behaved.

We had an empty seat between us and we were able to spread out.
The I pad was a help also

Even though it was 9:30 at night they were there to great us

Then up bright and early the next morning.

and ready to play

even with the two hour time difference Sami was ready to play

Lily's Room

We took a picnic to the small El Paso Zoo and spent the afternoon

It took a few minutes for the lady at the ticket window to examine our ID cards for the $2.50 off. Geeze you'd think we were asking HER to pay US. Thanks for your service to our country?

Sami didn't have sunglasses so Aunt Nenni went into the gift shop and spent $7 on these tiger glasses. Which were lost three days later

Sami didn't mind at all being in the wagon. The other two are always in motion and can't sit for any reason.

They got to see the prairie dogs like a prairie dog.

Shawn was so excited to teach and share!

I guess I should have gotten a picture of what they were looking at

We made sure Sami had lightweight long sleeves and long pant plus a hat.

We all had a great time. perfect zoo for us

She had to hug the animal on the end of the bench.

These two were happy to be back together

Shawn teaching them, they seemed to enjoy it too
Then we went on a train ride to get a closer look at the zebras, lions and elephants.

Then the train came off the track right were Shawn was sitting. Thought we were going to fall out. Then we walked.

Then we got to the giraffes right on time to feed them but after a few minutes we realized they only let us feed them on the week end.


Then like a lot of places in Texas they had a sprinkler park to cool down in

Jack and Sami crawling through the forest

Even Mommy got in the action but not because she wanted to.


It's a good thing we had spare clothes.
Jack got a snake as a souvenir and he was attached to it the rest of the week

Sami got eagles wings and and our Lily got a soft monkey with El Paso Zoo on it's shirt. All three for only $50. It was worth it! Great Day!

Good Night my sweeties more fun tomorrow!

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