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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Returning to PA

We finally decided to go to PA to see Tom's mom and step father. We went up the night before with the two fosters and stayed in a hotel. The kids loved the pool!

We had to make a stop at WalMart first because I forgot to pack myself some unmentionables. It's hard traveling with any child but take two, one of who is diabetic and the other who is still in diapers and you are bound to forget something, just saying.
Even though he has been with us for eight months this is the first time he is visiting Grandma Joyce. He was very excited.

They live in the same house Grandma Joyce was raised in. She moved back into it when she was divorced 30 years ago. Four generations of children have eaten at this table.

Charlie, Michele and the two kids showed up about lunch time.
The house is small and the yard is large so . . .

Tom enjoyed a large part of his summers in this yard but back then a lot of it was garden

and that was the well

Not sure what happened but Mommy took the picture. The kids were all great all day as far as I could tell.

"It's not funny, I can't get up"
I know honey, I'll help you

A couple of hours later Thomas, Natalie and the girls showed up.

Baby Z loves Thomas and was very happy to see him.

Did I say the house was small?

This alligator nut cracker has also been played with for a couple of generations.

In the mean time Tom's brother. Tim and his daughter, Krystal surprise Grandma
(ya, Tom & Tim, what were they thinking/)

Grandma had a nodule removed from her lung a few years ago and has struggled with pain and breathing issues ever since. We do tell her though for a woman who spent most of her life smoking and drinking she looks pretty damn good.

Time to Show off all new tattoos!

Ella always has something to say. She loves family. She loves everyone.
Her heart is truly bigger than anyone I have ever known.

Did I mention the house was small?

He brought his plane with him and was driving us all crazy with it.

Mother and sons. Looking Good!

Tom picked up some chicken and sides at the local butcher shop and Grandma had gotten some fruit and snacks, She bought Nik some sugar free cupcakes and he took serious possesive of them.

Then it was time to leave so Grandma took off her oxygen and came outside for a quick picture
OOps, Tom wasn't in it

Thomas, get back here

Then Krystal jumped in the picture

Jennifer and family are missing as are Katrese and Josh and me since I was taking the picture.
Maybe we'll try again when Jen is home in August.

Then it was my turn to jump in and Krystal took the picture
Then we went over to Uncle Wayne and Aunt Linda's house in the next town over.
I can't believe this is the only picture we got of Uncle Wayne and nothing of Aunt Linda. It was so great to be there again. The boys remember playing there as kids and Uncle Wayne said it was great to have a bunch of Dennisons running around the yard. We need to get Tom's Dad there too. Uncle Wayne said he would drive to Ohio and get his brother next time if he had to.

We had a cook out

He had a great time, meeting all the family.

It was a picture perfect day

We brought the bouncy house with us just in case and it came in handy.


Then the clouds started rolling in.

glasses aren't always the best thing to have on in a bouncy house.

Thomas and Natalie were going to spend the night there so they put their jammies and we brought our sparklers out before the rain.

He was hesitant at first but LOVED them.

She loved them too, Ella not so much

Then the rain set in. We got everything in just in time. No fireworks this year. We'll see them next week at our Ironbirds game though.

Thomas and Natalie's second leg of their vacation was Ohio where they stayed with my brother and sister in law. Thanks Mark and Sue. They also got to see Tom's Dad and my other brother and sister. They're going to North Carolina and then Georgia. Dennison Family Road Trip! See you guys in a couple of weeks.

and just in case you thought I forgot


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  1. Great post Grams! Thank you for helping document all of our memories--these are precious days!