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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer at Home

She's sitting in the rocking chair my Nanny bought me.
Typical 2 year old. Into everything that is not a toy.
Looks like after four months our little miss Z will be going to live with her grandparents. She has come so far! We hope she gets plenty of love and attention.

Look at her climb those stairs. She could barely walk before.

We've just been hanging out. The girls are with us a couple of days a week and Wyatt and Piper spend a day a week with us. The weather has been hot so we put out the sprinkler but it's been too hot in the afternoons for even that.

Sami finds her own way to play.
Carrying sand over to the roller coaster.

Wyatt and Piper

Wyatt thought it was hysterical to be in the 'diaper' swing

Jen is getting creative with her material choices and styles for Lily's dresses
Getting ready for our Texas sweeties visit next week!

I spent an entire day picking out just the right pictures for my new frame. Still have one opening to fill.

Puzzles are great when it's too hot to be outside.
Papa took some of them to see 'Turbo' too.

Pink meat for lunch? Sure Sweetie, Grams can do that

Then the big news of the week. Tom had errands to run so he took Nik with him and brought me this!

2014 Ford Explorer. Must be all that money we're pulling in for the foster kids hahahahahahahahahahaha
Happy 35th anniversary to us
All I got him was a wallet.oops

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