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Monday, July 1, 2013

All Caught Up. I Think

Papa brought them all back musical instruments.
I'm not quite sure what he was thinking.
 Even though Papa left the fun didn't end in Texas
Jennifer and Ella went shopping all by themselves to a dollar store with 'Claire's' type of items. Jennifer couldn't wait to take her from the moment we came across the store when I was there. My mom used to go shopping with Jen and give her $10 to spend in the dollar section of Claire's. Gramma Nancy would wait outside on the bench though.

Making Power Puff Girls cookies for a Power Puff Girl marathon


More of Ella's summer of BRAVE sledding down the Dunes


Trying new food, more of Ella's Brave summer
Summer od Brave, need I say more?
Our little one is into EVERYTHING. We have safety locks on most things but apparently even they will not hold her back forever.

We save $281 at Kohl's. This haul only cost us $1.62 with our coupons and Kohl's Cash.

Thank you Thomas for the window markers
We went out to lunch at The Olive Garden. We have been avoiding it since Nik came to us because he's not a fan of pasta but THIS pasta he loved.

We didn't see much of these two since they were both sick and both visited Patient First bur when they were feeling better they stopped to see Papa at 'work'  at the baseball field.

We switched out the sand for water since the weather has become warmer.

Woke up to my hand like this one morning. Scared me a bit, the day my mom died her hand started like this and continued to swell. I just iced it and it was ok by the end of the day.
Then the Sweeties in El Paso took a quick EIGHT hour jont to San Antonio where Thomas and Ella would catch their flight home AFTER a bit of sight seeing.

Jennifer and Shawn met in San Antonio when they were both in Army training 10 years ago.
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We love Sea World. They used to have one in Ohio and Tom and I went there often when we were dating. Then when we were stationed there to recruit we went back a few times. Great Memories! Jennifer was even pulled out of the crowd to be in the Sea Lion show when she was 5.
Talk about a bad hair day 1989
 The Alamo
Then they had to say good bye and jack was very upset. It brings tears to my eyes even now. I am determined to keep this family close but sometimes it just hurts.

He fell asleep in the car on  the way home and now things are back to normal. Our next visit will be in August when they all fly out here to share our 35th wedding anniversary with us. Until we see you again Sweeties.

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