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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Sleepover

The parents got a chance to go to a Matthew West concert with their church
so we had all the sweeties for the night.
We made pizza with lots of toppings
pineapple for Wyatt

lots of cheese and pepperoni for Piper
and ham for Sami

and the mushrooms Ella didn't put on her pizza she just ate

and yes, they even ate it after it was cooked

Nik was on a visit for the day
 and was very excited to see we had visitors when he got back

Sugar free jello for a snack

We splurged on breakfast and had 30 carb donuts

The next day was the annual showing of Harriet's Halloween at our local community theatre
It's a great time for the kids
and they get to wear their costumes

Piper and Wyatt

Nik's costume came in the mail an hour after they left
he didn't mind being a fireman though

Even Natalie was in on the fun although you can't see her outfit in this picture
Look for great pictures of costumes to come from their annual front yard bash

I was so happy to see all my sweeties dressed up and excited but it sure made me miss my Texas sweeties. When I mentioned it to Tom he said then go see them and he bought me a ticket. looks like I will be trick or treating in Texas this year!

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