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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Fall Week End

Charlie had a rare Saturday off so he brought his family over
to spend some time with me and the kids because Tom did NOT have Saturday off.
We started off at the library for Story Time.
Libraries aren't anything like they were when we were kids.
It used to be very quiet and they had books and . . . books

on the library train

This was our last week end with baby Chel.
She was only suppose to be here for a couple of days until her grandmother could take her.
Nine days is a couple, right?
Miss you already Baby Chel

He loves having a 'baby' in the house.

Then we stopped for lunch on our way to see the lighthouse which was the main purpose of the day. Nik was so excited to see an actual lighthouse.
Why haven't we done this before?
The cannon outside of the Concord Lighthouse was a big hit, especially with the boys.
This cannon was used in the war of 1912 by John O'Neill to  protect the town.
He was taken hostage and then released when his daughter bartered for him.
Cool story, the kids just like the cannon.

You had to be 42 inches tall to climb the lighthouse stairs and the opening was only 18"x36"
so the girls and Charlie stayed behind.
They were so brave.
It was SCARY

The four of us made it to the top. Honestly I tried it once before and didn't make it up the ladder. I only made it half way up the Eiffel Tower too, heights aren't my thing but I couldn't let those little boys see me sweat.

Then we went across the street to the Lighthouse Keepers House.

Listening to the facts, hmmm

End of day one, Mommy had to go to work
Day two, Sunday, started with us all going to church.
Then the pumpkin patch

The kids had a great time
 and we had a great time just watching them.

We decided on one great big pumpkin
big it was, 48 POUNDS

They got such a kick out of this train
They could have played there for hours
Wait, It felt like we did

Picnic lunch with fresh apples we just bought. yum yum!

Then, there was the maze

We ended the day with a Popsicle at home
Great week end
Thanks Charlie & Michele

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