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Sunday, March 29, 2009


reconciliation -Synonyms: accord; agreement; compromise; harmony; settlement (also what us Catholics now call confession).

I had a wonderful week.

I found an organization that I can make blankets for that are given to children in need & Jen wants to help too.
I am also making stew with Michele to donate to a food bank through our church.
I am so happy that they have been going to church with us!
I had a great time at the surprise shower we threw for Thomas & Natalie.
I cleaned out my closet of two bags of "work" clothes.
I'm looking forward to going to Georgia with Tom and Ella next week (even if I DO have to wear a bathing suit).
I had each of my grandchildren to love on at our house (When I had only one grandchild a co worker once said to me "how will you be able to keep up when you have 10?" Bring em on!)




My energy level is up, maybe it's the vitamins my sister & daughter hooked me up with or maybe my hormones are giving me a break or maybe I'm starting to realize that my life is pretty good.

With the lenten season it seems like I hear more and more stories of people getting to an age and wanting to reconcile(I bet you were wondering when I'd get to the point) something in their life. Whether it be relationships between parents and children or siblings or even old friends. Or things that people wish they would have done. The stories always come back to appreciating the little things in life. Trying to reconcile the things that I have with the things that I want or think that I want. Things that I also want for our children. That's what I'm working on. I do know that I truly am lucky that I have so much family around me that love me.

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  1. We love you a lot mom! So gald to be so close!!!