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Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

What a busy week! Tom was out of town and the days were long.

I didn't fall asleep by 9:30 every night after always complaining to Tom because he needs to go to bed so early. Not Me

I didn't stop at The Dollar Store after dropping Ella off at school to get breakfast (an 8 pack of miniature Snickers) Not Me

I didn't go to the grocery store JUST to pick up items needed to make stew for our church's food drive and came back with 3 bags of groceries and missing TWO items for the stew. Not Me

I didn't have to use mapquest to find our church's office. Ella went with me and assured me that we could solve the mystery. Not Me

I didn't go shopping to FOUR stores get things for an Easter egg hunt at Jen's and the only thing I got was a princess dress up outfit for Ella (how could I say no to her it was 75% off!) Not Me

I didn't take Ella & Jack (Jen too) to lunch and paid for Ella to have the buffet but not Jack when Jack ate 3 platefuls (healthy food though) and Ella ate none. Not Me

Wyatt came by too but I didn't do anything crazy. I don't think. He got his three month pictures taken. What a cutie!!

This week Ella and I came with Tom to Atlanta. Here she is at a place called Imagine It. There were plenty of things for the kids to use their imagination on. Here she is dressed up and on a stage singing "the Ariel" song. Tomorrow we're going to the aquarium and Wednesday we're meeting friends that we knew in Kentucky at the zoo.

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