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Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

Jennifer & my favorite pictures with my parents
Jennifer likes my Not Me Mondays. I think she just likes me to admit that I make mistakes. So, here goes

I didn't have to ask my daughter-in-law what was included in "Spring Cleaning" because ever since I was married we never lived anywhere for more than two years and just never needed to, Not Me

I didn't suggest Jen cut back on Jack's sweets and then give him a chocolate cupcake as soon as he came in the house, Not Me (he loved it so much he was eating the crumbs off the floor faster than Mommy could sweep them up)

I didn't put a Cleveland Browns bib on Wyatt while he was here and made sure I took it off of him for fear it would get "lost" in the Ravens loving household, Not Me

Wyatt in the Browns bib & Brutus

I didn't have to stop Ella from kicking the 70 pound dog only to have her say "but you do it Grams", Not Me (In my defense I was just pushing him aside with my foot

I didn't wash my floors with a new but stained white washcloth thinking the bleach in the water would make it as good as new (it didn't!), Not Me

I didn't chase Ella squirting my new body spray at her on the hardwood floor only to make it a large slippery spot for Tom to "find", Not Me

I didn't suggest to my grandchildren's parents not to hold their babies for naps but laying them down and then hold Wyatt for an hour and a half while he slept, Not Me.

I didn't have to bite my tongue when Thomas was complaining about coaching problems with little league (he's an assistant coach) because in my day I was not the worst parent in the stands, Not Me

Tommy & Charlie

I didn't get disappointed when Charlie skipped out on going to mass with us again this week and then wonder if Thomas was getting into his church TOO much, Not Me

Remember these are all things I wish I would not have done. I sure do give my kids a hard time. Sorry guys!! I love you all more than life itself and am very proud of the adults you have become.

I don't think I like Not Me Mondays. I really don't like me. Geez maybe I should go back on medication LOL


  1. I like not me monday becuase it is a funny way to wrap up the week so and tell everyone what is going on with out the boaring lists.
    we all love you mom

  2. I knew you took that bib off on purpose! :P
    By the way, Charlie resents you referring to our house as a ravens loving house! I don't mind though :D