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Friday, September 11, 2009

Have You Forgotten

Where were you?
We were new to Maryland and I was unpacking boxes with the TV on in the background on September 11th 2001 when the planes hit. I remember talking to my sister on the phone and discussing how my sons and our nephews would probably be called to serve their country and how we wondered if we'd ever feel safe again. Then it got personal when the Pentagon was struck because Tom was going to be there for training. He never made it to DC but it took two hours for me to get in touch with him.
I remember how I felt.
My sons or my nephews were never asked to protect their country but THREE of our nephews chose to join and our daughter joined the Army Reserves were she met her husband to be who has served two tours in Iraq missing the birth of their son. I remember and I thank these soldiers every day that I DO feel safe.
Have you forgotten?

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  1. The details of the school and the computer lab where we watch the news report where never as clear in my mind except for that day. For some reason that morning Dad told me he wouldn't be getting to the pentagon until the afternoon, why did he tell me this? He doesn't even know why.

  2. Hi Kathy!!!!
    Thanks for writing, we got home late last night and can you believe I scheduled my carpet in the family room to be removed and new porcelain tile be installed, so got home late, had to get up early and have my house torn to pieces or so it seems, white dust is everywhere!!!!
    No, not really, never wanted to be an actress, but then I did take Drama in high school and had a small role in 2 school plays--Cheaper by the dozen and Barefoot in the park. I got into this acting thing by accident if you read the first or second brush with fame, I think it is the one about the Get-Away. But after that movie, and our name was in their data base for extra's we were called ALL THE TIME, so much in fact that the kids made more money then allowed and we had to file taxes on them!!!!!
    Our 2nd daughter got a speaking part in one movie and even if it is cut out, your pay remains the same!!!!From there our oldest daughter wanted to pursue it, so with guidance from the extra casting office here in Phx. we were sent to an agency and not only did they sign her, they signed me as well!!! So from there we did almost every local commercial I can think of!!!!!Maybe 20 or so in a span of 2 years!!!!! But after that, the agency wanted Corie to cut her hair short for some modeling thing and she was 14 at the time and loved her long hair, so she said NO MORE!!!!!!
    So I have done a few projects on my own, I will talk about those in the weeks to come, I actually have a lot more famous run ins, that have nothing to do with our little acting side jobs!!!!The famous people are out there and everywhere --you just have to be looking for them!!! They try real hard to blend in!!!!
    The "DAD" from American Pie was in line ahead of us at Burger King in Las Vegas, if you can believe that!!!! We recognized him right off the bat!!!!!Some famous people look nothing like themselves without make -up, like Cher at the pool at Caesars Palace years ago!!!!!
    No pics of those two just mentioned though!!!!
    Have a great day

    keep looking there in Maryland, I'm sure there are some there!!! Like Michael Phelps!!!!