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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The doctor found some very interesting things when he opened Tom back up! First of all two sets of the existing screws were so loose that he just pulled them out and said they were just "flapping around in there". Two other ones he was able to replace with bigger screws. Then he had to go up a disk higher (L2 through S2 for those of you who know what that means) and drill new holes. He also did not see any graph! The reason for the rod was to hold the spine together while a graph fuses the spine and with no graph there was no fusion. Very confusing for the surgeon and not being the original surgeon he's not sure what was actually done. He used some artificial bone material for the graph and feels confident it will take. He lost a lot of blood during surgery but they gave some of his own back to him! He's still loosing quite a bit of blood through his drain but the doctor says that's to be expected and even if he has to have a transfusion it wouldn't really surprise him. So that's the quick of it. I've been staying with him for moral support and to be his advocate. Hospitals, you gotta stay on 'emHere he is with his new best friend, the drug pump.
He can push it when he needs pain relief and it never leaves his hand!

Don't you love the orange blanket! It came with orange slippers
and an orange wrist band & it's suppose to be a sign for everyone that enters that he's a "falling risk".

The Physical Therapist came by and helped get him into the chair!
Problem is it took THREE hours before we could get someone to help him

He SHOULD be coming home Thursday night or Friday morning

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