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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Michele's Birrthday so it Has to be Crabs

If you know or have to know anything about living in Maryland, it's all about the crabs. Every restraurant here brags that they have the best crab cakes in Maryland and on every corner you can buy steamed crabs (along with corn) by the dozen. so when the only person in our family who was actually born and raised here has a birthday it has to be celebrated with crabs!The table is set with brown paper, wood malets and a garbage bowl.
We add our own touch with Jen's famous home made Gramma Nancy Mac & Cheese. I forgot Ella is the other Marylander and she loves her crab too!and don't forget the beer and napkins,
the Old Bay seosoning gets hot & messy

I have to throw another picture in of our cutey smiling again
We took a break to take some group shots.
They can't get enough of each other.

Proud big sister Ella with Samantha

Then we moved to the basement for presents and cake Charlie, Michele and Wyatt moved to Ohio more than a month ago. When Charlie realized he would be working long hours on her birthday he bought her a plane ticket to Maryland as her gift.

Thank You Charlie it was the best gift you could have given US.

Ella put the keys on the floor in front of Wyatt
so she could see his new trick, bear crawling.

Jen posted more pictures on her blog, some great ones of our
Little Man Wyatt & Big Boy Jack!

Wyatt is giving Sammi back her paci whether she wants it or not.

Just in case anyone could forget our loving dogs. Poor babies had to be behind the baby gate outside.

No crabs for them :(


  1. HI!!!
    Great pics of a great family tradition, that is what all of us bloggers want to see, families doing what families love to do!!!!
    That baby is soooo BLONDE!!!! She is just so cute!!! All 4 of them are so cute!!! You are a Blessed Grandma!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. HI!!!
    I wanted to say Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies as well as Ella's!!! I am very impressed that a 5 year old would know all the words, the supercali song is a tough word for me to say let alone sing!!!!I think kids today are just so smart with just a little guidance and training, but when you do not interact with them they are lost on so much that could be so simple to explain, I am a talker, talk alot!!! So when Camydyn is around I explain to her everything I'm doing, like I'm getting the vacum cleaner out and so on, it is so amazing what a little sponge theya re, she wants to copy me when I dust fold clothes what ever, so I say interact and talk with them, let them watch movies, albeit good movies and age appropriate, my niece thinks it's ok, for her 3 year old to watch Grease and High School Musical, I told her 3 is to young for those movies, as what will she be watching at 7?????
    Let them be little !!!!!
    and thanks for writing and all the nice comments, you are a jewel to your family as well!!!!