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Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Wish

This song is the one that Charlie & I danced to at their wedding

I've been thinking about Charlie, Michele and Wyatt a lot lately. They are going through so much now with his company going out of business, their house doesn't look like it will sell and being kicked out of the house they've been living in (which is owned by my siblings and I, talk about guilt!). I miss them all and feel helpless to relieve their stresses. Not that they are complaining at all (to me anyway), they are just rolling with the flow. I'm so proud of all my kids that they can enjoy life no matter what it throws at them.

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  1. HI kathy,
    As parents we want all things for our children, success in every thing they do and for life's simple pleasures. I know how difficult this situation must be for you and them. God does have a plan for their lives, I do believe we will all come through this most difficult time in history better for it. I remember getting married in 1976, and the tough few years we had in the beginning, and then the 80's rolled in and stuff just got better and better. I think in a lot of ways going through some tough times and things being hard, it makes all of us better. God will Bless them, I will be Praying for them!!!