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Saturday, October 24, 2009

To Do or Not To Do-Facebook

I started this blog as a journal to my grandchildren. I really never intended for anyone to read it now. Somehow it morphed or I morphed or I don't know what. How did I let that happen? Me. the one who didn't want to use My Space when everyone I worked with did. Then it was Facebook. I didn't need to keep in contact with people like that. I knew my kids were members and kept in touch with each other but I didn't want to interfere in there sharing. I don't know. it made sense in my head. I joined to check up on my niece and her new son, my godson. I promised my children I wouldn't become their "friends" but then I started getting friend invites and it seemed harmless, I rarely got on. Then another niece invited me to be her Farmville "neighbor". Now I fear I'm hooked. Not so much on Farmville but in the ability to communicate with people across the country, heck across the world so easily. I wonder when my grandchildren look back on this how lame it will seem


  1. HI!!!
    I gave in and became a facebooker about 6 months or so ago!!!!
    I cannot believe how many high school friends I chat with now!!! It's kinda fun!!!
    And long lost relatives!!! It is another way of staying in touch!!! I'm sure our grands will laugh about this!!!!