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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not Me Monday on Tuesday

I did NOT take Tom & Sammi to the store, proud of myself for being organized and bringing her stroller for Tom to push instead of his walker and walk out of the store after shopping to see the van with the back hatch STILL OPEN. Not Me.

I did NOT show Jack how to use the toilet brush (after catching him cleaning it with my toothbrush) against Pops' and his mother's protests. To spend the next 15 minutes trying to get him to agree with me that he was"all done". Not Me. Why didn't they think it was funny too?

I did NOT take a nighttime pain medicine thinking it was a fast acting pain medicine for a headache in the middle of the day and then wonder why I couldn't stay awake. Not Me.

I did NOT let Ella sit around in "comfy clothes" eating cheesy popcorn and playing online games because I was too tired to play. Not Me.

I did NOT put the potato chips away on the wrong shelf. Not Me. You may wonder why this is not a good idea, wellll I put them on the grand kids healthy snack shelf that they are allowed to help themselves to, oops.

I did NOT spend a week looking for the remote control that I let Wyatt play with when he was visiting and then find it on the diaper changing station ( I change diapers several times a day too). Not Me.

I did NOT tell Tom that we should take this opportunity to start eating healthy again, serving him balanced meals and begrudging him his Honey Buns & chips and then go have my meal of tea/coffee, cheese, grapes and Little Debbie's. Not Me. I think I'll stop and get myself my favorite (healthy) breakfast after I drop Ella off at school.


  1. I love that you can see Ella's orange face!!!
    and hey Johnny hasn't started to clean our toilets yet! :)
    I did not "stop by" Grams and Pops house only to leave behind two toddlers for you to baby sit while I went shopping...not me :)

  2. HI!!!!
    Oh I love that NOT me post!!!!
    I get accused of doing lots of things and NOT me is a great answer!!!!!!
    Ella is so cute covered in cheetos!!!! My favorite!!!!! Cheetos are healthy!!!!!haha